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Master in Sports Management

Ostelea gives its students access to two lines of funding to finance their Masters:

1. Financial Support

2. Grant Programme


The Objetive of Ostelea’s Financial Support Programme is to provide economic support to all of the students enrolled that have to cover part of the costs involved in their tuition, which are designed to stregthen their academ and professional capabilities.

Requirements: Applicants must have passed Ostelea’s admission process and meet the entry requirements.

Application: Information related to the content of the Master, admission requirements and financial support programme will be given in the assessment and admission interview.

Financial support: Based on the period and the programme, the Admissions Board will decide whether to offer a financial support package that includes the following components:

  1. Discount for the enrolment date (per period/maximum of 25%).
  2. Discount for early payment(7%).
  3. Interest-free finance throughout the course of the programme.

Compatibility issues: Compatible with the Grant Programme, with the exception of the Accredited Disability Grant.


Ostelea’s Grant Programme has three types of award:

  1. Grants to Specific Collectives
  2. Grants for Academic Excellence
  3. Grants for Academic Performance

Full time

  • Inicio: October 2015
  • Campus: Barcelona
  • Créditos ECTS: 60
  • Dedicación: Blended (online learning for 9 months and 2-week stages in Barcelona)

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