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Master of International Business

Master in International Business in Barcelona or Madrid


Introduction to Business Organization

The purpose of this course is to learn key factors of functional and general management, and apply it to the diagnosis and solution of business problems that require an integrated system-wide approach. Our goals include the development of critical thinking skills, acquiring the ability to work collaboratively, and honing the art of applying theoretical concepts to actual business situations.

• Organization and Business Administration.
• Quantitative tecnniques for business.

Environment and Global Markets

This subject involves an analysis of the economic indicators that allow us to analyze the environment in which the company moves, or the markets in which it wants to penetrate, in order to make the right decision. Another important factor to consider when deciding to enter a given market is their legal and tax framework. It also analyzes in depth, the markets for the purposes of marketing and sales.

• Current socio-economic context.
• Marketing and commercialization in international environments.

People Management

In this area we will perform the best composition of human resources of the company, defining jobs and evaluate them based on study skills. The program also involves the training of leaders, where the student must learn and internalize various skills that take him/her to become a successful professional.

• Intellectual capital and talent management.
• Management skills.

International Management

The subjects pretends to analyze the financial and technical aspects for taking better decisions, both to undertake new projects or businesses, or to initiate internationalization processes.

• Financial management.
• Information technological management.
• International financial risk management

Corporate Internationalisation

The subject pretends to familiarize the Student with the strategies for internationalizing companies, taking into account the region cultural differences, for an appropriate decision-making. A business game is also included, for simulations about the decision made and its consequences.

• Global strategic management.
• Corporate internationalization.


The course provides students with the experience of carrying out a major piece of research, enabling them to draw on the knowledge and skills gained throughout the course, while providing them with an opportunity to demonstrate their intellectual and practical capacities to potential employers.

Drafting an International Business Plan is a key element of the MIB programme. In its development, participants must consider the influence of various functional areas on the viability of a future business project and define the future business strategy, as well as designing the implementation of the business policies they consider necessary to achieve the short-term and long-term objectives of the corporation.

Full time

  • Inicio: April 2016
  • Campus: Madrid and Barcelona
  • Créditos ECTS: 60
  • Perfil recomendado: University Degree 1/2 years of working experience

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    • Student campus Barcelona Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

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