Máster en Global Compliance & Business Ethics

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Program Description

The international financial crisis has revealed the existence of deficiencies in the regulations and control and supervision systems of many companies that have affected the resilience of important sectors of activity in an unfavourable economic environment, causing risks to the stability of the world economic system. To answer this phenomenon, the international financial institutions have deployed a wide range of regulations affecting the mechanisms of compliance, their practical forms of application and their importance when relieving companies of any possible criminal liability.

The advance in new areas of business innovation such as the start-ups or finTechs produces great business opportunities in scenarios in which deregulation is often the trend, which in turn represents a risk for stability of the system when adequate control systems cannot be started up.

The Master/Program in Global Compliance & Business Ethics meets an ever-growing demand of professional specialised in this field, and is designed to train compliance officers and experts in business ethics from a global perspective. Its main functions are to identify traits, to analyse the impact of changes in regulations, to determine preventive and corrective measures against corruption and crime, to give training so that managers and employees might know and apply all of the rules that affect their activity, and to carry out prevention plans to help companies be relieved of possible criminal liability. In growingly complex regulatory environments, the compliance officers become the safeguard of the corporate reputation and business ethics of the entity, in addition to that of being the main and direct spokesperson with regulators and supervisors. The management of conflicts-of-interest within the company where they do their work, and the development of routes for whistleblowing also form part of their functions.

Although the students receive a training that covers the main sectors affected (banking, pharmaceutical, insurance, energy, telecommunications, etc.), due to the systemic importance of the program, it particularly stresses the regulatory compliance of financial entities. The aim is to train effective professionals capable of developing a true culture of compliance in the companies where they give their services, compliance translating into the preparation, implementation and supervision of the performance of solid programs of regulatory compliance to combat phenomena such as transnational money laundering and financing of terrorism or cybercrime, and to strengthen the protection of personal data in the digital environment or avoid the abuse and manipulation of markets. The professionals of this branch are therefore called to perform a capital function in companies leading the market at the beginning of this century.

Key points


Top 35 Ranking América Economía

EAE Business School ranks among the Top 35 best business schools in the world according to the América Economía ranking 2017


Ranking MERCO

EAE Business School, the second most reputed business school in Spain on the Merco Ranking 2017



Over series of meetings with managers of other companies, such as the Business Networking or Café & CEO, participants can extend their network of professional contacts


Advisory Board

The master’s degree study plan is developed along with the Advisory Board, which is formed by 25 professionals from companies of the like of Pepsico, Nike, DHL, Danone, Accenture, Fujitsu, Grupo Planeta, Mango, Grupo Puig, and more.


Visits to companies

Visits to the departments of companies representing different areas of activity to see their compliance plans and the best practices applied by the managers


Practical focus

An eminently practical focus on professional reality as a complement to the attended sessions and master classes


Best practices

Work will also be done on specific cases of Spanish and international current legal affairs to enhance the dynamic and practical learning.


Culture of Compliance

The steps will be given for the development based on the latest regulatory tendencies of a true “Culture of Compliance” in different organisations through innovative methodologies.

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