Máster en publicidad y entornos digitales

executive MBA

Program Description

The fourth industrial revolution is just around the corner. The World Economic Forum, better known as Davos, believes we will see this revolution in under five years. Whenever it occurs, the fact is that this revolution is imminent. The digital revolution to which we have been witness for several years has not slowed at any time, and the scenario to which it leads cannot leave us in different. In fact, any professional who wishes to form part of this scenario must be prepared to face it. The game rules are changing continuously and only those capable of anticipating the future will manage to get onto the jobs market in the coming years. In this sense, nobody can ignore that the fourth industrial revolution will be disruptive. 70% of the top Spanish executives see technological disruption as an opportunity to transform their business model, to develop new products and services or to adapt their companies to make them yet more successful than in the past, according to the KPMG Global CEO Outlook 2017.

The consumers command. Internet, smart phones and social networks have turned them into the leaders of this radical change which we are fast approaching. It is therefore fundamental to train with our sites on this horizon. The Master in Advertising and Digital Environments is conceived for professionals who wish to form part of this stock of new talent that companies are seeking inside and outside of Spain, around the world. This is what defines this revolution, its democratisation, but it is also what distinguishes it.

Those who do this program will be nearer to assuming the posts of responsibility that the main executives are already seeking for their advertising and marketing departments.

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The largest Spanish communication group and one of the most widely recognised and projected international companies in the world. In fact, the program has some of the best professionals of the Atresmedia management team as well as of Atresmedia Publicidad and Atresmedia Digital, respectively.  

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