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Máster en Asesoría y Gestión Financiera

This Master is taught completely in Spanish

The Máster en Asesoría y Gestión Financiera (Master in Financial Consulting and Management) is designed to equip financial directors to be able to tackle economic changes with the solvency and foresight required by organizations in today’s world. Finance professionals that are flexible and who know how to lead and direct teams, with the skills required to generate value at all times, allocate and distribute financial resources in the most efficient way possible and, above all, contribute to the management of the company in terms of achieving its objectives, based on their strategic vision.

In short, professionals that need to consolidate their professional knowledge and obtain accreditation with an official qualification, which our Master is specifically designed to achieve.

Five reasons for taking EAE’s Máster en Asesoría y Gestión Financiera:

1. The programme prepares participants to pass the examination for EFA certification (European Financial Advisor).

2. Several face-to-face sessions on the programme focus on preparation for the examinations of the EFPA (European Financial Planning Association, Europe’s leading association of finance professionals), using real tests.

3. The most comprehensive and practical programme. Updated annually, the programme includes an Executive Skills Development Programme, the performance of a financial Business Game and the creation of a Financial Plan.

4. EAE is ranked as the second most reputable business school in Spain (MERCO Ranking 2014).

5. Starting in 1968, EAE was one of the first business schools to offer a Master in Finance. Since then, the School has trained almost fifty graduating classes and over 10,000 students in the area of Finance.

If you would like further information regarding objectives, study programmes, the teaching faculty, professional opportunities, entry requirements and enrolment, and grants and financial assistance for the Master, please see the programme description in Spanish .

Full time

  • Inicio: Abril 2016
  • Campus: Barcelona and Madrid
  • Créditos ECTS: 60
  • Dedicación: Part Time
  • Perfil recomendado: University Degree. 3 years of working experience in a position of responsibility

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