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Máster en Marketing Online y Comercio Digital

This Master is taught completely in Spanish

Master in Marketing Online

The digital ecosystem represents a great breeding ground for new ways of doing business. Companies such as Google, Facebook, Spotify, Amazon and Apple have paved the way for new business models that nobody could have foreseen just a decade ago. These models require a different profile of Marketing professional to all those that have existed before.

EAE’s Máster en Marketing Online y Comercio Digital (Master in Online Marketing and Digital Commerce) is designed to equip Marketing professionals to be able to incorporate new channels, media and languages into their commercial and customer relations strategy. With this in mind, participants will gain insight into a range of techniques, tools and competences that are specific to the digital environment, including results analysis that guarantees a return on the investments for these initiatives. Moreover, with an approach similar to project planning methodologies, participants will learn about the key factors that enable professionals to develop successful communications, customer relations and digital sales strategies.

Five reasons for taking EAE’s Máster en Marketing Online y Comercio Digital:

1. The most comprehensive and practical programme on offer. Updated annually, the programme includes the creation of an Online Marketing Plan and cutting edge modules such as Rich Media and Inbound Marketing Platforms.

2. Current vision: Masterclasses by professionals and directors working in the field of online marketing and eCommerce, offering insight into the best practices in the various branches of the sector.

3. Employability: In 2013, we processed 3,376 offers of employment and work experience placements, for positions in 37 countries and 28 sectors.

4. The greatest demonstration of the School’s credentials is our former students, who hold positions of international responsibility in leading companies, including Microsoft, Nielsen, Unilever, Diageo, Inditex, Repsol, Coca Cola, Nike, Bassat Ogilvy, McCann, Nurun, Telefónica, Privalia, Vodafone, Privalia, Henkel, Hewlett Packard, Ikea and Mango, among others. We also have the highest level of recognition in the business community, collaborating with over 2,000 companies.

5. EAE is one of the 30 best business schools in the world (América Economía Ranking 2014).

If you would like further information regarding objectives, study programmes, the teaching faculty, professional opportunities, entry requirements and enrolment, and grants and financial assistance for the Master, please see the programme description in Spanish .

Full time

  • Inicio: April 2016
  • Campus: Barcelona and Madrid
  • Perfil recomendado: University Degree. 3 years of working experience in a position of responsibility

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