The EAE Business School Advisory Boards are comprised of directors of companies and institutions at a national and international level. The objective of these consultative bodies is to provide advice and accompaniment to the School in relation to defining the most suitable strategy to ensure continuous improvement in the quality and innovation in management training.

1. Representatives from market leaders

Having representatives from leading companies in the market who guide and support EAE enables the School to improve the key competences and knowledge of the tuition programs run by EAE. 

2. Promoting research and business  

With the support of leading professionals from a broad range of companies, the Advisory Boards promote research and analysis of key business processes, such as Finance, Logistics, Marketing, Sales, Communication and Human Resources.

Next Meeting Advisory Councils:

  • Date: Wednesday, march 13, 2019

  • Time: 11:00h - 15:30h

  • City: Barcelona