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Celebration of Solidarity at Christmas




Charity Christmas Concert




Charity Running

Charity Running at EAE business school

An annual activity organised on both the Madrid and Barcelona Campuses, the event has become a Christmas classic at EAE. The aim of the Celebration of Solidarity at Christmas is, on the one side, for the School to give EAE students the opportunity to raise a glass to mark the start of the Christmas holidays and share a more fun and special time with all of their classmates and members of the EAE community. At the same time, in line with EAE’s CSR strategy, during Christmas week, a charity food collection drive is organised that culminates with the festive drinks party. At the end of the collection, the food donated by EAE staff and students is distributed among the needy by the Food Bank and the association Dit i Fet in Barcelona.


In 2015, the initiative first organised in 2013 was repeated and the second Charity Christmas Concert was held on EAE’s Barcelona and Madrid campuses. All of the attendees at the concert had access to a stall run by the Spanish Association Against Cancer, where they could make donations during the concert. All of the money raised on both campuses went to the fight against cancer.



On 22nd November, a new activity was held for the Current and Former Students of EAE Business School: Running EAE. Although the activity has been run several times on both the Madrid and Barcelona Campuses, on this occasion, the School collaborated with the Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer (AECC – Spanish Association Against Cancer), giving people the chance to own a t-shirt exclusively designed for EAE Runners. In total, over 140 t-shirts were sold and over 1400 euros were raised for the Association. Under the slogan, “Running for a good cause”, current and former students of EAE Business School ran around their respective Campuses, accompanied by different level monitors that set the route and intensity for each group. Participants had an extremely healthy morning full of fun.

COURSES ON THE GRI. EAE Business School and BSD Consulting, official partner of the Global Reporting Initiative give certified training on the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative. Each year, the program is run four times for students in Madrid and Barcelona.

E-SECRETARY EAE. Within the framework of improving the environment, EAE the e-Secretary initiative in 2013, an innovative new virtual secretary’s office that enables a reduction in the quantity of paper submitted by students, as everything is organised digitally. Thanks to this initiative, EAE has reduced the consumption of paper by nearly 96%, several percentage points above the target, in all of the administrative processes before, during and after the students enrol at the School.

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