Associations and institutions

EAE Business School is committed to building the School’s relations and partnerships with other institutions and associations with the aim of enhancing knowledge jointly in the various sectors included within the training programs we offer. To this end, EAE works constantly to create new partnerships and strengthen existing relations with a view to offering interesting opportunities to all of the parties involved: event organisation, conferences on specific topics, networking and much more.

EAE has partnership agreements with:

Sectoral Associations for EAE Business School


Adigital - The Spanish Association of the Digital Economy. The Spanish Association of the Digital Economy, Adigital is an association of innovative and pioneering companies that are committed to and work to promote the development of the economy based on the internet, digital media and new technologies. SMEs and large companies work together for a single objective: the growth of the Digital Economy in Spain. 

Asociación de Marketing de España. – The work of the Spanish Marketing Association focuses on three key areas that comprise the value proposition that it offers its members: professional development, networking and professional recognition.  


AECA - The Asociación Española de Contabilidad y Administración de Empresas The Spanish Association of Accounting and Business Administration is the only professional Spanish institution that issues the widely-accepted Accounting Principles and Rules, as well as declarations and research regarding good practices in business management. The AECA’s mission is to achieve constant improvement in the level of competence of company professionals, in the belief that good professionals guarantee the development of organisations and the progress of society.

ACCID - Asociación Catalana de Contabilidad y Dirección. The Catalan Association of Accounting and Management is a meeting point designed to promote best practices in relation to financial information and management, through research, publications, exchanging ideas and working sessions.

ACAT - Asociación Catalana de Asesores Fiscales, Contables y Laborales. Founded in 2014, the Catalan Association of Taxation, Accounting and Employment Consultants brings together all professionals specialising in tax, accounting and employment matters who work mainly in consultancy in these fields, whether as freelancers or for other companies, promoting a culture of association within the scope of Catalonia.


PMI - Project Management Institute. The PMI is a profit-making international organisation that brings together professionals related to project management

ICF - International Coach Federation. The International Coach Federation is the world’s most important resource in the world of professional and personal coaches, as well as the leading source of reference for people looking for a coach. The ICF is an independent non-profit organisation comprised of professionals from all around the world who specialise in professional and personal coaching, with more than 25,000 members in over 120 countries.


CSCMP - Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals. The CSCMP is the world’s leading association of Supply Chain Management professionals, dedicated to promoting research and knowledge in the field of supply chain management. With over 8,500 members, representing all of the sectors of industry, government and the academic world in 67 countries, members of the CSCMP are the leading professionals and authorities in the field of logistics and supply chain management.


Dircom - Association of Comnunication Directors. This Association of Communication Directors is a professional organisation that brings together executives and professionals specialising in communication in companies, institutions and consultancies across Spain.

ADECEC- The Association of Public Relations and Communication Consultances The Association of Public Relations and Communication Consultancies is an association that has represented companies operating in these sectors since 1991, working to disseminate the practice of public relations and communication consultancy.

CORPORATE EXCELLENCE. A centre for reputation leadership, this well-recognised organisation strives to improve the integrated and comprehensive management of intangible assets and resources in order to contribute towards the development of strong brand with a good reputation, well-equipped to compete on global markets. Corporate Excellence originated from the merger of the Corporate Reputation Forum (founded in 2002) and the Institute of Intangible Analysis (created in 2004) and it boasts a decade’s experience in intangible management.

AM - Asociación de Agencias de Medios The Media Agency Association brings together the leading companies that manage the advertising of Spain’s most important brands. Its mission is to provide its clients with recommendations and the execution of plans that enable the brands to make contact with consumers and users in the most effective and profitable way.

AEA - Asociación Española de Anunciantes. Founded in 1965, the Spanish Advertisers’ Association is the non-profit professional association that represents companies that advertise, in order to defend their interests in relation to all aspects involved in commercial communication. The AEA promotes the recognition of advertising as a driving force of the economy and the efficacy of the advertisers in order to achieve advertising that is measurable, sustainable and responsible, in line with the consumer of the future.


AEDRH  The Asociación Española de Directores de Recursos Humanos (Spanish Association of Human Resources Directors) is an organisation founded for the purpose of promoting and developing executive HR duties, as well as facilitating the exchange and dissemination of knowledge in the field of people management.

Asociación Catalana de Dirección de Recursos Humanos The AEDIPE Catalunya (Catalan Association of Human Resources Management) is the association that brings together professionals in the personnel/human resources sector, with a particular focus on people management. One of its key objectives is to perform the role as service and knowledge managers providing support for Human Resources professionals with which to equip people managers and directors with tools for reflection that enable them to improve their everyday performance.



Círculo de Economía. The Economic Circle is a civil association that strives to contribute towards improving the quality of public debate by issuing independent opinion on the main challenges that have an impact on economic, social and political progress. With 1,400 members and 125 partner institutions, the Círculo de Economía is a diverse institution that is free from any type of private, sector or political interests. 

The Global Compact Network Spain. The Global Compact of the United Nations operates in Spain through the Spanish Network, which currently has 2,600 member organisations that have signed up to this corporate social responsibility initiative.  The Network advocates the application of the 10 Principles of the Global Compact among the participating organisations for promoting business sustainability and sustainable development.

Acció - Competitiveness Agency of the Catalan GovernmentCompetitiveness Agency of the Catalan Government, offering aid and financing to companies and institutions in order to provide support for innovation, internationalisation and investment projects in Catalonia.

APD - Asociación para el Progreso de la Dirección. The Association for Management Progress is a private and independent non-profit organisation with an international scope, the objective of which is to promote and modernise the training and information available to directors and business people through activities that disseminate and foster professional knowledge, development and improvement, contributing to the common good of civil society. 

Club Financiero Génova. The Genoa Finance Club is one of the most widely accredited clubs boasting the best facilities in Spain, with a great level of brand implementation in the business and commercial world.



AACSB. The long-running global association dedicated to advancing management education around the world, AACSB accredits 761 of the best business schools in the world in 52 countries and regions.

EFMD. Recognised worldwide as an institution that accredits the quality of management education with certification services established for business schools and their programs, corporate universities and learning programs enhanced by technology.

CLADEA. The Latin American Council of Administration Schools is an international organisation that brings together higher education institutions specialising in tuition and research in the field of administration.

EDEN. The European Distance and E -Learning Network was founded to share knowledge and improve understanding among professionals specialising in distance and electronic learning and to promote policy and practice across Europe and beyond.

EDUNIVERSAL. A global classification and rating agency specialising in higher education, the company has extensive experience of evaluating academic institutions and programs dating back to 1994 in France and internationally since 2007.

Executive MBA Council. The aim of the academic association representing the Executive MBA industry is to exchange practices, disseminate knowledge and develop a community among high-quality programs.


Associations and professional colleges at EAE business school


ADEFARMA. An association founded in 1978 with voluntary and exclusive membership for owners of Oficina de Farmacia de Madrid with the main purpose of defending, promoting and improving the group's professional and economic interests.

ASICMA. This is the Association of Engineering, Consultance, Environmental and Technology Service Companies of the Community of Madrid. A non-profitmaking association, ASICMA seeks to nurture the spirit, the bonds of collaboration and the technical, management and organisational capacity of the companies that form a part of it. The association also defends and promotes the economic and social activities of the sector of its activity.

AMETIC. The Association of Electronics, Information Technologies, Telecommunications and Digital Contents Companies and the current national leader of the business interests of such a diverse and dynamic, most innovative (with 30% of R&D private investment) hypersector, and the one of largest growth capacity in the Spanish economy.

Asociación Catalana de la Empresa Familiar. The ASCEF (Catalan Association of Family Enterprise) is an entity constituted by a group of Catalan entrepreneurs in 1999 to face the challenges of family businesses. It includes more than 100 family companies representing the productive, commercialising and service sectors of the whole of the country. 

CAF Madrid. The Professional School of Property Administrators of Madrid, with over 3,700 members, is a corporation of public law with its own legal nature, which since 1968 has monitored the ethics and dignity of its professionals in accordance with the laws and the protection of property consumers and users.

Colegio Oficial de Enfermeros de Barcelona. The Official School of Nursing of Barcelona is a corporation of public law with a democratic structure, recognised and supported by the Constitution, the Catalan Statute of Autonomy and current legislation on professional schools, which belongs to all nurses.  

JCI. The Young Chamber is a non-governmental association where youing people from around the world learn to assume responsibilities and to develop management skills by working on projects for the community. It is part of the World Federation of Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs and is present in more than 120 countries.

CIE Barcelona. CIE Barcelona is a non-profitmaking institution founded in 2000, in which over 1,200 entrepreneurs are associate members. The Chamber's Mission is to contribute to the development of the city of Barcelona by giving entrepreneurs the chance to enhance their personal and professional leadership, their Enterprising Spirit, their Social Responsibility and other aspects that contribute to generating favourable change.

Colegio de Ingenieros de Barcelona The School of Engineers of Barcelona is a corporation founded over 50 years ago and which brings together 6,500 professionals. Its purpose is to guide, represent and defend Industrial Technical Engineering, Technical Engineering in Industrial Design, Degree in Engineering of the industral area and the professional interests of its members.