Patron of the Graduation class

Patron of the Graduation class

D. Pablo Isla

Executive President of Inditex

Joan Castells de Fiatc padrino graduación EAE business school









Joan Castells de Fiatc padrino graduación EAE business school


Patron of the Graduation class Madrid 2019


A Law graduate from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (1987), he joined the Spanish State Attorneys Corps the following year, as the top student from his graduating class.

From 1992 to 1996, he was the Director of the Legal Services Department of Banco Popular, before going on to become the General Director of State Assets at the Ministry of Economy and Taxation. He later returned to Banco Popular to head the bank’s General Secretariat.

In July 2000, the Board of Directors of the Spanish and French multinational appointed him as President, a post that he held until 2005, when he joined Inditex as Vice-President and Chief Executive Officer. Six years later, in 2011, he became the Executive President of the Group, taking over the role from Amancio Ortega.

He has been a board member at Nestlé since 2018.

Pablo Isla was named as the best CEO in the world in 2017 and 2018 by the Harvard Business Review.

He is a member of various foundations and institutions, including:

  • Fundación Carolina, which offers grants to postgraduate students moving between the Americas and Spain to study.
  • The Reina Sofía National Art Museum
  • The Instituto Elcano
  • Fundación Pro-CNIC, which fights cardiovascular disease and is headed by Dr. Valentí Fuster.