IQAS Processes

IQAS Processes

System Manual
Internal Warranty
Quality (IQAS)

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Internal quality assurance system under review and implementation

Quality assurance procedures

1.1 Defining training quality policy and objectives   

2.1 Guaranteeing the quality of the training programs

3.1 Definition of profiles of acceptance /graduation and admission            

      3.1.1 Student admission and recruitment profile

      3.1.2 Access, administration and enrolment

3.2 Student support and guidance

3.3 Teaching and assessment methodology        

3.4 Student mobility management        

3.5 Professional guidance management   

3.6 Organisation of external practice           

3.7 Handling of incidents, complaints and suggestions    

4.1 Definition of PDI and PAS policies 

4.2 PDI and PAS recruitment and selection        

      4.2.1 PDI recruitment and selection

      4.2.2 PAS recruitment and selection

4.3 PDI and PAS training             

      4.3.1 PDI training

      4.3.2 PAS training

4.4 Assessment, promotion and recognition of PDI and PAS 

      4.4.1 Assessment, promotion and recognition of PDI

      4.4.2 Mobility (transfers and promotion) of the PAS

5.1 Organisation and improvement of material resources     

5.2 Organisation and improvement of services           

6.1 Collection and analysis of results    

7.1 Publication of information on training programs