EHEA Qualification

At EAE Business School, we provide higher education postgraduate tuition through the following qualification programs:

  • MBA and Full Time, Part Time and Weekend Master Programs, worth 60 ECTS credits.
  • Postgraduate Programs, worth 35 ECTS credits.

Qualification obtained on completion of the program

Students that successfully pass the evaluation criteria for the program that they are taking and who meet the stipulated academic requirements receive the institutional Master or Postgraduate qualification from EAE Business School.

In order to obtain the qualifications granted by the universities, students have to meet the requirements set by the institutions in question.

European Higher Education Area

EAE Business School Master and Postgraduate programs are designed in accordance with the criteria stipulated by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), which aims to align higher education with the needs of professionals within a new educational framework that is more open, flexible and comparable with other EU member states.

This system enables:

Key points


Diploma supplement

The adoption of a system whereby academic degrees are easy to recognise and compare, including the introduction of a shared diploma supplement.



The adoption of a system based essentially on two cycles


ECTS system

The establishment of a system of credits, such as the ECTS system.


Level of quality

The promotion of European cooperation with the aim of ensuring a minimum level of quality for the development of comparable criteria and methodologies.


Curriculum development

The promotion of an essential European dimension in higher education, with a particular emphasis on curriculum development.


Mobility within the EU

The promotion of mobility throughout the EU for students, teachers, researchers and administrative staff at universities and other higher education institutions.