Current affairs

Tuesday, 29 de May, 2018

“Geomarketing and business – using maps to design a strategy” was the title of the Business Networking session held at the Madrid Campus of EAE Business School.

Victor Conde, the General Director of the Asociación de Marketing, introduced the guest speakers from the team at Quantic Solutions, a Business Intelligence and Geomarketing consultancy. Marcos Rojo, the Global Director of the company, Antonio Tena, the CRM and Data Analytics Manager, and Ignacio Rodríguez, the Technical Director, gave three separate but interrelated presentations.

The first presentation was entitled “Introduction – the current state of technology and spatial information systems designed for marketing”, given by Marcos Rojo. The initial presentation gave participants an overview of the topics that would be covered and focused on the main topic of the session: geomarketing. Marcos Rojo highlighted the importance of artificial intelligence and the latest advances in technology, with several of its functionalities being applied to marketing. Rojo spoke about “Real-Time Marketing” and underlined the role of data analytics for its application to locations, customer analysis, improving advertising campaigns, searching for potential customers, optimal location of outdoor advertisements, areas of influence and route and sales force optimization, among other factors.

The second presentation, entitled “In search of the lost data” was given by Antonio Tena, who focused on analysing the value of data and the importance of analytics for companies. Digital customers are well-informed and their experience when consuming has changed. As a result, it is necessary to move from Web 2.0 to 3.0, and embrace a process of decentralization in which geomarketing has a key role to play. Integrating this within business is essential when designing a successful strategy underpinned by micro-marketing and micro-segmentation.

To finish, the more technical side of data analytics was the central topic of Ignacio Rodríguez’s presentation. The last part of the session focused on the message “Exploiting differentiated data”, with an overview of how obtaining, organizing and enriching data enables us to gather a great amount of information, all based on GIS tracking (Geographic Identification Systems), which is then analysed and exported in comparative studies and reports. Ignacio Rodríguez chooses to “share” this data consumption “so that the rest of the analytical community can evolve further in its analysis”. The final step of this data analysis and management is its implementation within organizations.