Current affairs

Monday, 23 de April, 2018

The welcome program for Full Time students got under way with the presentation of their Master programs. The Professional Careers and Academic Coordination Department then explained how the School and the Virtual Campus operate, the internship opportunities and the events and activities that are held over the course of the academic year.

One of EAE’s key values is its international character, welcoming students from all over the world who choose the School based on its prestigious reputation and eminently practical study programs. Young, a Belgian student on the Master in Marketing and Sales, is very pleased to start and EAE and expects that the Master will be a great opportunity for him. In addition, he loves Barcelona. Based on his experience so far, his first impression is that it is a good program with fantastic teachers.

Meanwhile, Ciclari Ramírez, a Mexican student on EAE’s Master in Supply Chain Management has also had a great first impression. “I can see that it is a very international school because there are students from lots of different countries, and that is a big plus”. She chose the School because she was interested in the program. She has just moved to Barcelona and likes the city very much.

Her classmate Carolina Sánchez, a Chilean student also taking the Master in Supply Chain Management, compared several Masters and schools in Barcelona before eventually opting for EAE because “it has a partnership agreement with the UPC. I was looking for a one-year Master program at a School that ranks very highly at an international level”.

In the presentations, the students are introduced to the topics they will study and the professional opportunities for graduates of each Master. Ecuadorian MBA student Andrea liked the presentation. “I am an economist I work in a family company. My objective is to expand my business knowledge because we import and export. Moreover, I am keen to do a three-week course in a university in the United States, and EAE give us that opportunity”, she explained.

Camila Pérez, a Colombian student on the Master in Marketing and Commercial Management, has got high expectations of EAE. “I have acquaintances who have studied here and they have recommended it to me”. Camila has already covered a lot of commercial areas and she wants to consolidate and expand her knowledge. “Moreover, I have friends who have been living here for six months, so I have had a great welcome and expect to settle in quickly in Barcelona”.

A fun team-building event

To give the students the chance to get to know each other, EAE organized an intensive team-building at the Poble Espanyol in the city. Working in groups, they had to work their way around the complex and complete a number of tests. As a result, not only did they strengthen bonds with other students, but they also had the opportunity to discover Spain’s diverse range of monuments, thanks to the reproductions at the complex on Montjuïc. Later, each group appointed a representative with their own slogan, which they had to defend on the podium at the venue.

“It is fantastic, because we have the chance to throw ourselves into it and get to know each other away from the classroom”, explained Mónica Soto, a student on the Master in Project Management. “I chose EAE based on its long history and prestigious reputation, and it also enabled me to combine my studies with my passion for travelling. This is my first time in Barcelona and I am still adapting to the timetable”.

Columbian student Laura Viñasco explained that her group already knew some of the monuments. “In my opinion, this initiative is a really important chance for us to get to know each other but also to learn more about Spanish culture”, she added. Laura is just about to start the Master in Marketing and Commercial Management and she came to EAE because of its reputation at a global level “This is the first time I have been to Europe and that was another reason to choose the program, as well as the recommendations I got from people who have studied here”. 

Yvo, from Amsterdam, has been to several countries. He is starting the Master in Marketing and Sales, and he found the team-building activities really worthwhile. “You build bonds with lots of people from different places”. He chose EAE because it is an international school and the programs are also focused at a global level. In addition, he loves the city.