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Javier Moreno, student on the Master in Marketing and Commercial Management

Wednesday, 30 de May, 2018

Javier Moreno Salido did not hesitate for a moment when he had the chance to attend the presentation given by OgilvyOne during Talent Week 2018 at EAE Business School. During the session, the student confirmed what he already expected: that working at Ogilvy was a unique opportunity for his professional career. In his opinion, this professional experience at the company will be invaluable.

Javier states that he feels much better equipped to tackle the employment world after his time at EAE Business School. In his opinion, the School’s strengths include the knowledge that it gives you, the faculty and its multicultural profile. He adds that his experience on the Master in Marketing and Commercial Management “has been absolutely positive”.

First of all, tell us about your position and daily duties at Ogilvy & Mather.

I am an intern in the Accounts Departments at OgilvyOne. OgilvyOne is the agency specializing in direct, relational and interactive marketing, as part of the Ogilvy & Mather group. I haven’t been at the agency long but, because I am working in specific teams for each client, I have got quite a lot of responsibility, so I am gaining a great deal at a professional level. My colleagues on the team treat me like just another one of them. They train me and make sure that I am learning and enjoying the working atmosphere. The truth is that I couldn’t be happier with my relationship with them.

My key tasks include developing internal briefing, ensuring that the agency’s work is in line with the client’s briefing, providing support in the presentation and preparation of the agency’s proposals to the clients and the coordination of the campaign execution, and the production of different campaigns with the Creative Department.

How did you hear about this offer from Ogilvy & Mather?

I had been familiar with the agency for a long time. It is one of the  leading agencies in the world of communication and advertising. It’s founder, David Ogilvy, is a trailblazer for anybody who wants to work in this sector.

During Talent Week, I saw that the Human Resources team was going to come to tell us about the company’s activity and the employment offers they had available. I didn’t hesitate for a moment and I attended the presentation. The session confirmed what I already suspected: that working at Ogilvy is a unique opportunity for my professional career. A few days later, I saw that they had advertised a vacancy in the accounts Department on EAE’s Employment Portal and, obviously, I decided to apply.

Why were you interested in applying for this offer? 

In the world of marketing and advertising, you can mainly work in two areas: in-company or in an agency. I have to admit that I had always been really curious about the world of agencies and I had it in my head that I wanted to get some professional experience in that field. When I saw the opportunity to do an internship at an agency like Ogilvy, I obviously couldn’t let it pass me by, so I applied.

How did it feel when you were selected?

I couldn’t believe it. The truth is that I was overjoyed because I knew that it was a huge opportunity and I had been after a chance like this for ages.

What experience do you expect to gain in this position?

Thanks to this experience, I am going to learn what it is like to work in a marketing and advertising agency. The work is really different from working with a client. In my opinion, whether I decide to build my career in an agency or in a client’s company, the experience I gain at Ogilvy is going to be invaluable for my professional growth.

Now you are on the inside, what do you think are Ogilvy & Mather’s strengths?

The working atmosphere is the main strong point. Every aspect of the people that comprise the organization is positive. In my opinion, you can see that in the way they work and, as such, in the result of the campaigns.

So far, is the company fulfilling your expectations?

Absolutely! I couldn’t be happier with my duties, my colleagues and everything I am learning.

Is the company committed to young talent? In what way?

A great deal! The team is full of young people, who also help as much as they can in terms of training the interns. The level of integration of the interns is extremely high. In fact, all the employees strive to train and prepare us for our professional futures. You feel like just another member of the team at the agency.

You previously took the Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management. How did your Master program at EAE complement your academic and professional development?

I took the Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and, although I took the Marketing option in the last year of the program, I still had so much to learn in this area. I knew that I had to broaden my knowledge of marketing and communication with a Master. Moreover, I wanted to study at EAE because it is considered to be one of the best Masters in this area and it was certainly the best option.

We see that you spent time in Switzerland on the Erasmus program. Would you recommend that experience?

I spent a term studying at the University of Freiburg, one of the best universities in Switzerland, thanks to a grant from the Swiss government through the Swiss-European Mobility Program. Freiburg is a city just 15 minutes from the capital, Bern, with the interesting feature that half the population speak German and the other half speak French. As it is right in the centre of Switzerland, I had the chance to travel around the country and further afield.

I fully recommend the experience. As with all things, it has its good and pad parts. When you decide to go to Switzerland to study, you have to be aware that it is not the standard Erasmus student experience. The level of teaching and the demands on the students are extremely high and, although you have time to enjoy yourself, you will have to work and study a lot. I gained a great deal from this international experience, both academically and professional, but most of all at a personal level.

With respect to your future, what are your professional objectives in the short and long term?

The million-dollar question! In the short term, I have to finish the Master and continue training professionally, as I am at Ogilvy. I am still very young and I have a lot to learn, so I don’t rule absolutely anything out. I would like to continue expanding my knowledge in communication, digital media, content creation and storytelling. I am really passionate about all these areas and I think there is a great opportunity for growth in these fields. I also really like the entertainment industry and I wouldn’t rule out combining communication with that world.

In the long term, I don’t know what to say. I am sure that I would like to have a professional opportunity abroad, to learn different ways of working from the Spanish method, as therefore grow professionally.

What made you decide to take the Master in Marketing and Commercial Management at EAE Business School?

I chose EAE Business School based on its position in all the rankings that I saw, its faculty, its Employment Exchange and, most importantly, the experience that former students had had.

What are you gaining from the Master?

Knowledge, experience, opportunities, contacts and friendships.

Beyond the tuition, what features of your time at the School would you highlight?

The first thing I would emphasize is the level of the faculty. Lecturers such as Ana García-Arranz, Joan Roca, Eduardo Irastorza and Eduardo Correa have been the best teachers I have ever had in my academic life. They are great professionals in the classroom, but also great people outside, always concerned about our learning and professional development.

Moreover, I would highlight the multicultural profile of the classes. Learning from other cultures about the way they work and interact is a great opportunity that you have to make the most of. In addition, having classmates from other countries can give you the chance to travel to their countries and learn about their cultures first hand.

Lastly, I would say my classmates. We have learned so much from each other, supporting each other and growing a lot as professionals, but also as people. I am really glad to have made great friends, whom I hope will be by my side for many years to come.

Do you feel better equipped to approach the employment market? 

Yes, absolutely. All the lecturers on my Master hold or have held top positions in the marketing and communication departments of large companies. They have imparted their knowledge in a sector that is increasingly competitive and with better prepared people.

Would you recommend EAE Business School? Why?

I would fully recommend EAE Business School and the Master in Marketing and Commercial Management. The whole experience has been absolutely positive.