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Sonia Guerra Cal, student on the Master in Human Resources Management

Thursday, 31 de May, 2018

For Sonia Guerra, it was a matter of love at first sight with LVMH, The student learned about the company at a Company Meeting organized by EAE Business School and, since then, she was sure that she wanted to form part of their team. When she found out that she was the successful candidate, she says that she was excited because “knowing that you have been picked for the position that you wanted so much is extremely satisfying”.

Since discovering the world of Human Resources on her Bachelor Degree in Psychology, she has wanted to specialize in the field. Her choice of School was easy because “various people I trust recommended it because of its outstanding position and the comprehensive training it gives”. In her opinion, the professionalism and commitment to the students are EAE Business School’s key strengths.

First of all, tell us about your position and duties at LVMH.

At LVMH, I work as a Human Resources Trainer and I belong to the Talent Management section of the Human Resources Department. My many duties are directly related to managing the selection processes of all the brands that form part of LVMH Perfumes & Cosmetics, as well as different tasks focused on the area of training.

How did the opportunity to join LVMH come about?

Through the Fashionjobs portal, I had the chance to get in contact with LVMH. I sent my CV with a letter of motivation and, the next day, Marta, the Senior Talent Acquisition Manager from the Talent Department, contacted me to arrange an interview.

Did you attend the Company Meeting run by Marta Juan in mid-November?

Yes. The truth is that, as soon as the announcement was posted on EAE’s Virtual Campus, I didn’t hesitate to sign up for the Meeting. I was so glad to attend and get a more in-depth insight into the company directly from Marta. I really identified with their values and way of working so, at the end of the session, I couldn’t help but see myself forming part of their team.

How did you feel when they told you that you had been selected?

I remember the moment perfectly. I was with my mother, who is the essential pillar in my life, and, as soon as she looked at me, she guessed the news from the expression on my face. I was really excited. Knowing that you have been chosen by the place that you wanted to work for so much is extremely satisfying at both a personal and professional level. 

Beyond the company’s status, why were you interested in applying for this offer?

Personally, the duties to perform are exactly what I am motivated to do, as I feel particularly attracted to Talent Management. Being able to apply all the knowledge that I have acquired on the Master is a great opportunity. Moreover, the luxury sector, cosmetics and fashion have always been a passion of mine and, as such, I feel completely comfortable working in this sector.

During the presentation of the company at EAE Business School, they emphasized certain values, including innovation and creativity, excellence and business spirit. Do you identify with these values? How are they reflected in the day-to-day work of the team that forms part of the brand?

I identify with the values completely. It is essential that everybody who belongs to a company feels aligned with its values when they are working so that they can perform as well as they can and generate the maximum benefit by achieving optimal results. 

The Human Resources Department of LVMH is outstanding for the great level of cohesion that exists between the areas of Talent and Labour Relations. The brand image, which the employees represent, epitomizes their passion for the company and the sector, and their constant efforts to innovate and set themselves apart in the employment market.

What experience are you gaining from your position at LVMH?

I am learning so much. In effect, you realise how much you still have to learn when you join the employment market on a day-to-day basis. I have been really lucky with my team, I can say that I am working in a company formed of true professionals, where everybody gets involved in my learning and that drives me to have more confidence and enables me to take on more responsibilities.

And what do you bring to the company?

All the knowledge that I am acquiring on the Master in Human Resources Management, along with my enthusiasm, constant effort and passion for learning, which drive me to foster and maintain the excellent way in which they work.

Is the company fulfilling your expectations?

Absolutely, at the LVMH Group, all the people that work there give their all to maintaining the company’s excellence and, as a result, its reputation as a leader in the market. Honestly, I am proud to work here and to be given this opportunity.

What impact do you think a brand as well known and international as LVMH will have on your CV and your professional career in the future?

Primarily because my knowledge is going to expand significantly thanks to all the professionals with whom who I work side by side. Being a company in which the sense of a team is prevalent, I am going to develop and enhance different skills that are going to  give me greater confidence when performing my duties. Obviously, LVMH is well known globally for being a luxury company in the sector and the mere fact of forming part of the company will give my CV a 360° spin, giving a more special and acclaimed touch.

What are your professional objectives in the short and long term?

My main objective is to learn as much as I can in relation to Human Resources to be able to become an excellent professional in the sector. In the future, I would love to set an example to follow, and for my career to inspire future students and employees who want to move into this area.

Tell us about your academic background. You have a Bachelor Degree in Psychology, specializing in the Psychology of Work. Did you always know that you wanted to work in this sector?

Honestly, at the beginning, I wanted to be a clinical psychologist and specialize in the field. I wanted to have my own consultancy where I could treat my patients. However, on the Bachelor Degree, I completely identified with Human Resources. The duties, the business environment, the possibility for growth in the company and the range of sectors that you can work in were some of the reasons that I decided to choose this specialization.

In terms of competences or skills, what did you gain from the Bachelor Degree in Psychology that you can now complement with your knowledge and experience in Human Resources?

In terms of training and experience, my progression has been very linear. I am passionate about studying people and, primarily for this reason, I was fully drawn to Talent Management. The Bachelor Degree in Psychology gave me the tools I needed to understand human behaviour. In my opinion, it is really important that all Human Resources professionals know how to analyse and interpret people in the different contexts that can arise in an organization. Fulfilling employees’ needs is essential to achieve constant or even increasing performance and accomplishment.

Why did you choose EAE Business School when you decided to specialize with the Master in Human Resources Management?

Primarily, I had good references about the School and so I didn’t hesitate to contact EAE to present my application and letter of motivation. I wanted to specialize in a business school with a good reputation that would ensure a bright future in my professional career.

Why did you decide to take this Master? Why at EAE?

In the third and fourth year of my Bachelor Degree, one of the specialization courses that I took was in Human Resources and I felt particularly attracted to the area, so I decided to specialize in it. I decided to take this Master because a number of people I trust had recommended it to me based on its outstanding position at a national and international level and the comprehensive training that each Master offers.

Beyond the academic training, what other experiences have you had during this year at the School?

The experiences that you get from people: lessons from lecturers who, as well as teaching, work in the world of business and have been able to transmit new knowledge to us based on their own experience in the professional world; classmates from different countries who have given me an insight into other cultures and customs; meetings in which I have been able to take part and meet important successful professionals from leading companies.

Do you feel more prepared to approach the employment market?

You always have to be prepared for whatever situation may arise. Life is a box of surprises and recognising each of the opportunities that come up is the key to achieving success in every goal that you set yourself.

Would you recommend EAE Business School? Why?

I would recommend EAE Business School based on its professionalism and its commitment to the students. The School has been my springboard for immersing myself in the professional world in the best possible way and, of course, I would choose it again as my first option.