Current affairs

Monday, 28 de May, 2018

Anna Bugrina, the Head of HR & Talent Acquisition at Mind Analytics came to EAE’s Barcelona Campus to give the attendees a presentation on the demand for technological profiles in companies and digital transformation.

Data Analytics and Big Data have been growing at an exponential rate in recent years and, as a result, Business Intelligence profile are in ever-greater demand. According to research by the consultancy Randstad, IT professionals and specifically those specializing in Artificial Intelligence will be one of the most sought-after professional profiles in 2018.

At Mind Analytics, they are well aware of this and, therefore, one of their objectives for this year focuses on the importance of talent. “The demand for Business Intelligence profiles is rising faster than the number of professionals currently available”, explained Anna Bugrina, the Head of HR and Talent Acquisition at the company, “particularly in Barcelona, in view of its geographic and strategic location as a leader in Europe for sectors with great added value”.

Mind Analytics uses the techniques of Business Analytics, Big Data and Data Integration to help clients in the process of Digital Transformation. “We are a consultancy comprised of a group of experts in the practice of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, specializing in converting companies’ data into profits”, explained Anna, adding that “we have Partners certified in Qlik, Oracle and AWS”.

The profiles in the highest demand at Mind Analytics

At Mind Analytics, they are looking for different profiles. Although a large proportion of the people that join the company are qualified in ICT and Business Intelligence, “we want to create multidisciplinary teams that, most importantly, have a passion for the technological world”, she explained. The consultant currently has selection processes under way for both internship positions and senior profiles. Moreover, during the session, she gave us an overview of the Mind Academy, a program designed to attract talent from among recent graduates, to train them in business dynamics and enable them to grow professionally, overseeing projects autonomously in the near future. “Right now, as we are in a phase of expansion, we are also looking for people both in Barcelona and in our office in Mallorca”, added Anna Bugrina.

The profiles required at Mind Academy are enthusiastic people who work well in a team, have a good command of English and are passionate about data analytics. At Mind Analytics, these professionals will find a dynamic company in which to build their career and grow professionally. In addition, the company offers attractive benefits, such as flexibility and group events after work. “We invest a great deal in training and our employees can attend seminars, networking events, etc.”, explained Bugrina.

Anna Bugrina finished her presentation at EAE’s Barcelona Campus by giving the students an insight into the most powerful data viewing tool on the market today: Qlik Sense. “The strong point of our dynamic is that students will not only have a unique experience, but they will also gain new practical knowledge from our experts for their subsequent professional development”, concluded Bugrina.