Current affairs

Wednesday, 2 de May, 2018

Many of the students on these programs are currently working and, thanks to the Master, they are consolidating their studies to broaden their horizons at their companies or perhaps to change their professional sector. “I hope EAE will help me in my professional career”, explained Romanian student Alexandra, who has been working in Barcelona for a year and a half. Before choosing EAE, “I evaluated several universities and I found that the students who completed the programs were really well-prepared”. Alexandra is a student on the Master in Marketing Management and she was interested in taking the program because she felt she lacks lots of knowledge in this area. “So, I will get a more in-depth insight and learn, because I am now in charge of marketing in a startup and I hope to be able to apply what I learn here”.

An MBA gives participants a general overview of a company. This is ideal for many professionals who work in various sectors and need to know more about the different departments in a company. Cristian Romo, from Barcelona, is a CRM specialist and has a very technical perspective of his work. “I chose the MBA because I wanted to have a horizontal vision of the business”, he explained. “I was given some really good references about EAE. I know other students who have completed their Masters here and, what’s more, it suits me perfectly because the campus is right next to my work”. Although he does not currently want to change sector, he knows that the Master will be useful if he ever wants to redirect his professional future.

Marita has come from Peru to do the MBA at EAE. “I investigated the options from my country and I liked the School’s entrepreneurial spirit, as well as the fact that it was based in Barcelona. I would like to live in the city, so I chose a Weekend program hers”. She works in a bank in her country and is sure that the MBA will enable her to perform different roles and summarize problems in order to resolve them more simply. “I hope to learn other ways and means to do things, and I want to innovate in this respect”.

Programs at EAE provide guarantees and good professional opportunities because they are adapted to the reality of modern companies. This is the opinion of Marta, a student in the Master in Project Management, who has a Bachelor Degree in Biochemistry and now “also wants to manage projects. I know that this Master will enable me to choose from more options within my career, such as moving into private industry, for instance, and gaining other perspectives”, she explained

The new students took part in a team-building event with a number of tests working as a team, enabling them to get to know each other better and break the ice on the first few days. “In my opinion, it is a great experience. We do it in my company and we really enjoy it”, added Alexandra. Meanwhile, Cristian Romo explained that there were no initiatives like this when he went to university and he find it a fantastic idea. Peruvian students Marita agreed that these games are the best way to get to know people on the first few days and also hope to be able to apply these group dynamics in her work.