Main Conference “The power of simplicity” por Ken Segall

Creative director for Apple for 12 years.

He baptised products like the iMac, iPod and iPad and headed the team that created Apple's iconic advertising campaign "Think Different”.

Author of the books "Insanely simple” and “Think simple”

Ken Segall is the man who put the "i" in Apple; the advertising creator who baptised products like the iMac, iPod and iPad. As he himself told Steve Jobs, who hated the concept at the beginning, "i for internet; i for imagination; i for individual". Segall worked with Jobs for twelve years as creative director and writer, including his time in NeXT and his return to Apple in 1997.

Segall headed the team that created the iconic Apple campaign with the slogan “Think Different”, which was vital in revitalising a dying brand. Segall is actually the joint author of the first ad in history to win an Emmy, called “The Crazy Ones”.

Apple's transformation from bankruptcy to being the most valuable company in the world is one of the most thrilling stories in the history of business, so Segall has published “Insanely Simple”, a book in which he described the vital force after the resurgence of the apple company and Jobs's obsession with simplicity, which became the guiding concept for innovating, communicating and organizing Apple.

In his talks Segall, who has also worked for companies like Intel, Dell and IBM, talks about the eternal war between complexity and simplicity, developing the advantages that he has seen in adopting the second of them as a business principle. He therefore takes the audience to the Apple world and shows how simplicity can improve an organization by making it faster, more intelligent, efficient and one which also achieves great loyalty amongst its customers. “Simplicity is the most powerful weapon in business”.