Lifelong training

Lifelong training




Refresher courses applied to the professional sphere divided into five fields of knowledge: Management, Leadership, Marketing & Sales, Finance and Innovation. A range of 30 sessions per year available, both in-person and online, run in Spanish and English. In 2016, 30 programs were run, with the participation of over 1,100 former students.


Bimonthly conferences broadcast live online about new trends and innovation. Topics: How to analyse your competition’s web positioning? The SEMrush tool; Real-Time Bidding: concept scope and application; The consumer journey in e-commerce: What to do to sell in each phase; What is crowdlending and how can it be applied to companies?; Beacons, a revolution in the shopping experience. More than 2,600 participants in 2016 with 9 satifaction points.




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