Enterprising Students

Enterprising Students

At EAE, our mission is to train professionals equipped to lead organisations in all fields sustainably. Over the course of our 58 years of history, more than 70,000 professionals from national and international companies  have placed their trust in us. However, we have also been entrusted by entrepreneurs who have decided to launch their own business or venture.

quote Producers and distributors of gourmet products.quote

quote An app that lets you book taxis from your mobile without making a call.quote

quote Sport Networking boasts highly respected professionals specializing in everything from football consultancy to coaching, and from sports physiotherapy to nutrition.quote

quote The company originated as a consultancy specializing in the fields of Sales and Marketing, developing different strategies in this sector for companies and organizations of all kinds.quote

quote This international solidarity economy organization runs development projects in disadvantaged communities.quote

quote Siberia Ambiental is a recently created private company based in Herrera del Duque (Badajoz). Its main activity is organizing environmental events.quote

quote Mingles combines foreign language learning with the students’ socialization throughout the learning process.quote

quote Advantage Service is a company with three main pillars: Business Training, Personal Coaching in companies and Consultancy.quote

quote Q-TAX was founded with the aim of issuing and reporting legal invoices with a saving of 40%.quote

quote We would like to introduce you to Alonso Quintero, a former student of the Master in Commercial and Sales Management at EAE Business School. Alonso had no doubt that he wanted to join the ranks of entrepreneurs undertaking their own ventures, but his engineering qualifications were insufficient, so he decided to learn about commercial, marketing and sales management in order to gain a more general overview of business. Today, a few years later, he presents Indoostrial to us.quote

Alonso Quintero, former student on the Master in Commercial and Sales Management, founder of Indoostrial.com

quote We would like to introduce you to Enrique Hipólito, a former student on the Master in Marketing and Commercial Management at EAE Business School. Enrique is the founder of the marketing agency AVANTUM, which has just moved offices to the famous Puerta del Sol in Madrid, at the very heart of the Spanish capital. quote

Interview with Enrique Hipólito, a former EAE student on the Master in Marketing and Commercial Management and founder of Avantum

quote It is our pleasure to introduce you to Tamara Ojeda, who very recently completed her Postgraduate Degree in Online Marketing and Digital Strategy, but she hasn’t wasted any time! Today , she gives us an overview of the project she has founded, Planeta LowCost, a website that gives advice and recommendations to Spanish expats. This initiative is a logical response to the current situation in the country which, between 2008 and 2013, has seen more than 2 million people move abroad, 262,081 of whom are Spanish. Find out more about her!quote

Interview with Tamara Ojeda, a former EAE student on the Postgraduate Degree in Online Marketing and one of the founders of Planeta LowCost

quote This week, we will find out about the highly original company Historias para Llevar (Stories to Wear), created by Aitor Borràs, an advertising creative executive who has worked in the leading advertising agencies, and Ricardo Gil, who has a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management and an EMBA from EAE Business School.quote

Ricardo Gil, former student del Executive MBA de EAE and founder of Historias para Llevar

quote We would like to introduce you to Enrique Muñoz, former student on the Master in Marketing and Commercial Management at EAE Business School. Enrique recently set up his own online marketing company, Globo a Marte (Balloon to Mars) and we wanted to take this opportunity of this new venture to find out a little more about his professional career. quote

Interview with Enrique Muñoz, former EAE student and founder partner of Globo a Marte

quote Meet Angie Polanco, a former student on the Master in Marketing and Commercial Management at EAE Business School. For nearly 5 years, Angie has been forging her own path in the challenging world of fashion, with her own clothing brand Angie Polanco. We wanted to take advantage of the launch of her new collection at Dominicana Moda 2014 to find out more about her career. quote

Angie Polanco, a designer inspired by her EAE Experience in Barcelona

quote Meet César Torras, a student on the Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management at EAE Business School in Barcelona. César is the co-founder of the app MonkingMe, a platform that enables you to download music free of charge, while also paying the artists. Every time a user wants to download a song, they have to wait for a 20 second advertisement to finish, the profit from which goes wholly to the artist. quote

César Torras, a student on EAE’s Bachelor Degree, presents the app MonkingMe to us, a musical platform that enables legal downloads of content free of charge.

quote Running a restaurant is no easy task and even less so once you have been awarded a Michelin Star. Martin Eccius, manager of the restaurant Punto.mx acknowledges the fact that he is missing an extraordinary amount of time with his family, spending almost 14 hours a day on his passion: his business. He says that “the bags under his eyes are big, but his passion is bigger”. He adds that the restaurant has designed itself. We are sitting on a bench at the entrance to the restaurant while we wait for him. Behind the bar, a few bottles of tequila confirm what may not have been apparent otherwise: the essence of the restaurant is Mexican, but with a Michelin star. quote

Martin Eccius: “When we found out that they were awarding us the Michelin star, we burst into tears.”

quote Coa-Coa is a company that originated from a meal with friends. Lighting the barbecue proved to be a challenge and an idea, together with a product, changed the way of doing so. Now it is easy, thanks to the work of a group of guys with high expectations and a shared project. The group includes, Diego Ruiz and José Manuel Mateos, two former students at EAE Business School who we had the chance to talk to.quote

Find out about Coa-Coa, a revolutionary startup revolucionaria and winner of My Elevator Pitch 2015

quote Gianluca Chillemi is one of the former students of EAE Business School who has managed to realise his dream by setting up his own company. After completing the Master in Online Marketing and Digital Commerce, he has moved on to this exciting project. Would you like to find out more about Click&Task and the sharing economy? Be sure not to miss this interview. quote

Meet Gianluca Chillemi, CEO and Founder of Click&Task and former EAE student

quote Nitai Anidjar took the Master in Marketing and Sales at EAE Business School during the 2013-2014 academic year, and he now works as a Business Development Manager at Privalia. At the same time, he has created a startup based on person-to-person services. Haven’t you heard of Trabeja.com yet? Be sure not to miss this interview. quote

Meet Nitai Anidjar, founder of Trabeja.com and former EAE student

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