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Monday, 8 de January, 2018

The French group LVMH, which owns brands such as Dior, Loewe and Givenchy, decided to recruit young talent at EAE Business School in November 2017. Holding a Company Meeting session at the Madrid Campus, Marta Juan, the Senior Talent Acquisition Director at the company, gave the students a presentation of the Inside LVMH program, encouraging them to apply for the vacant positions and have a rewarding, multicultural experience with an international presence.

The students had to send a video with a one-minute elevator pitch explaining the reasons that they wanted to take part in the program and what they like most about LVMH. After this initial selection filter, a total of 55 students from EAE Business School (30 from the Madrid Campus and 25 from the Barcelona Campus) were selected to start the Inside LVMH program. The students come from a diverse range of programs, including IMBA, Master in Marketing Management, Master in Financial Management, Master in Online Marketing and Electronic Commerce, Master in Project Management, Master in Human Resources, Master in Marketing and Sales, MBA, MIB, Master in Business Intelligence and Technological innovation, Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics, Master in Corporate Communication Management, Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Master in Journalism and Digital Communication.

Specifically, on 9th January 2018, the selected students will embark on a four-month experience in which more than 40 universities from six countries and 5,000 multicultural profiles will take part. They will also work on an LVMH case study and make contact with different recruiters in each Maison, with the aim of taking this profiles into consideration in their professional futures.

Yomalix Gissel Herrera is a student on the Master in Corporate Communication Management and one of the candidates selected to start the Inside LVMH program. In her case, she decided to apply to expand her skills and grow as a professional. In addition, as a fashion blogger, she feels an affinity with the organization. “In my opinion, you have to say yes to the opportunities that are worth going for”, she told us to explain why she sent the video.

This opportunity will be unique and hugely important for the 55 EAE students. “It will drastically change my life as a professional. Forming part of tis program will help me develop my career in the direction I want to go”. Not only do they appreciate of the opportunity to work subsequently in LVMH, but they also value the real-life experience and the chance to network with employees at the company.

From the United States, Yomalix is extremely pleased to have been selected by LVMH, “a leading company in the industry with an excellent reputation”. She says that it will be a new challenge at both a professional and personal level, after having successfully embraced the last challenge she tackled, namely coming to Spain to study. “Coming to a new place can sometimes be overwhelming and it really tests your capacity to adapt and resolve problems”. In terms of the School, she opted to come to the Madrid Campus based on its reputation and, looking to the future, she hopes to live and work in Spain long term. “I would love it if it were in LVMH”.

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