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Inside LVMH Program

Wednesday, 15 de November, 2017

It is exactly three decades ago that Louis Vuitton and Moët Hennessy decided to embark on a joint destiny and create the most exclusive group on the planet: LVMH. Its brands include names of the calibre of Christian Dior, Givenchy and Kenzo, as well as makes of perfume, watches, wines and spirits.

To uphold their status as leader in the sector, LVMH is on the search for young talents with a “more innovative, more digital profile”. This is what we are told by Marta Juan, the Senior Talent Acquisition Director at LVMH, who visited the Madrid Campus on Thursday 2nd November. In the following interview, the professional from the group tells us about the Inside LVMH program, through which students can apply for the company’s employment opportunities and have a rewarding, multicultural experience with international presence.

Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH) has just launched the Inside LVMH program. What led you to decide to offer an internship program?

The aim of the program is to get to know LVMH and the different Maisons that form part of the group and, at the same time, for us to attract talent from the best universities. We believe that, with a competitive program with the backing of a group of LVMH’s status, as the leader of the luxury sector, it will attract young talents who are looking to develop professionally in a multicultural and diverse environment with an international presence.

What do you gain from taking on these young talents?

New knowledge and points of view on business, enthusiasm and vitality. Students nowadays have a more innovative, more digital profile, and that is what leading companies are increasingly looking for.

What is the selection process that candidates undergo like?

To participate in Inside LVMH, students have to send a video with an elevator pitch (1 minute long in English) to the Careers Department, explaining the reasons that they want to take part in the program and what they like most about LVMH. Personality, a desire to form part of our group and creativity are the most valued aspects.

What does the company offer candidates? Why should they apply for the Inside LVMH program?

The company gives them visibility, the opportunity to make a name for themselves within the group, making contact with the different HR Representatives of each Maison, so that we will take them into consideration over the course of the four months of the program for future vacant positions in the group. We also offer reputation and recognition, as well as getting an insight into the inner workings of a group made up of more than 76 Maisons and professional guidance.

Which candidate profile is best suited to Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy?

At LVMH, we are looking for people with ambition, enthusiasm, a passion for fashion and appreciation of luxury. Profiles with languages and international credentials, with multicultural experience, who like what they do and, above all, have a great capacity for learning and improving themselves. We love entrepreneurial and creative profiles!

What aptitudes do you value most highly?

The key aptitude that we rate most highly is a keen and proactive attitude to taking on new tasks, collaborating, learning and improving yourself, as well as being dynamic, adapting to change and demonstrating initiative and determination.

Adaptability is crucial in an environment like LVMH, primarily oriented to the customer and luxury goods in a constant state of change and innovation.

What values should we identify with at Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy?

LVMH’s values have changed to respond to the situation that now surrounds us and to adapt to society:

  • CREATIVITY and INNOVATION: these are part of our DNA. This is the foundation of our divisions and ensures the balance required to renew our product range, deciding our future with determination and, first and foremost, respecting our unique heritage.
  • EXCELLENCE: a key feature of our group is paying meticulous attention to the smallest details to ensure perfection, from the product to the service that we provide, cultivating the difference that sets us apart and constantly striving to be excellent.
  • CULTIVATING THE BUSINESS SPIRIT: LVMH’s organization is defined as responsive and decentralized, enhancing the capacity for response and efficiency. Assigning meaningful responsibility. LVMH’s entrepreneurial spirit promotes risk-taking and, above all, perseverance.

Which competence or ability that is hardest to find nowadays?

In Spain, languages. A command of languages should be considered an equally important skill as those I mentioned earlier. Beyond being able to hold a fluent conversation with customers, speaking several languages give professionals the opportunity to stand out and compete in a sector that is increasingly qualified.

What would an average day be like for the candidates selected by Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy?

An average day for the candidates selected will be like the everyday routine of an employee at LVMH. We want to integrate this person as if they were just another employee, with duties adapted to their position and with a tutor to accompany them throughout their internship, to ensure that they are trained in all the aspects required over the course of this period, giving students the chance to learn and broaden their knowledge base. Employees will feel prepared after receiving their training and they will be able to fulfil their responsibilities, working with LVMH in this way. In addition, we will monitor their performance and progress very closely throughout the internship.

The internship lasts four months. Is there a possibility of being taking on by the company afterwards?

As long as the person fits in well in the position and their internship goes excellently, they could be considered for a position at LVMH, as our objective is to attract and retain the best talent. At LVMH, it is the people that make the difference and talent is a crucial factor, not only in terms of retaining it but also developing it, offering them a future, a career plan and social benefits that generate a commitment and sense of belonging in a family environment that, at the same time, is professional and competitive.

Lastly, what recommendations do you have for students who want to apply for the program with a view to successfully taking part in the selection process?

That they be themselves and show enthusiasm and a desire to work with us! We will be glad to have them on board.

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