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Thursday, 22 de March, 2018

Ranking among the most widely recognized companies in the world, Adidas took part in EAE’s Talent Week organized by the Professional Careers. On 5th March, the international brand, which ranks second in the sportswear market, visited the Barcelona Campus to present its internship program and starting positions, as well as to check out the brightest talent at EAE Business School.

Looking for talent to incorporate in its Spanish offices in Barcelona (Reebok) and Zaragoza (Adidas), Katie Carrahar, the HR manager, Jordi Servia and Lucía Molina, both HR trainees, came to the session during Talent Week. At the event, Carrahar explained that Adidas employs more than 60,000 people in 160 countries. To fill a diverse range of positions, they are constantly looking for creative profiles who are passionate about sport and who like to set themselves apart. “Our mission every day is to be the best sports company in the world”, added Katie.

The interns in the Human Resources Department who took part in the EAE event are happy and proud to work for the company. They explained to the students that the current vacancies are mainly in the marketing, sales, finance and retail departments. To take up one of these positions, the company requires two years’ experience, a good level of English and Spanish, European citizenship, young and creative talent with a passion for innovation. Candidates can send their CV and a presentation letter for the vacant positions on the company’s website. They will then be invited to take an interview at the various centres.

After the presentation, the representatives from Adidas’ Human Resources Department conducted interviews at EAE for students interested in joining their workforce. Each of the candidates had to give an elevator pitch in English, about a minute long, to sell themselves.

“Events such as Talent Week give us the opportunity to speak directly to the people working at the company, which is a really different experience from sending your application from home”, explained Sergi Gruart, a student on the Master in Online Marketing and Digital Commerce who had previously taken the MBA also at EAE. He would love to work for a multinational company like Adidas because he is passionate about sport and it would be a dream come true.

In the case of Tatiana Trigas, a student on the Master in Commercial and Sales Management, the elevator pitch for Adidas went really well. “I had plenty of time because I had a really clear idea of what I wanted to say. I have wanted to work for Adidas for years because it is a great company that combines sales, fashion and sport, all things that I am fascinated in, she explained. Tatiana prioritizes her professional development, so she would have no problem moving to another city if required. With respect to Talent Week, Tatiana added that it is an excellent opportunity to see the people in charge in each company face to face.

“The elevator pitch went well. There is always room for improvement, of course. In my opinion, Adidas would be a great company to work for. It’s so disruptive and creative”, explained Rodrigo Pérez, a student on the MBA. Rodrigo added that he thinks it is essential to take part in events such as Talent Week: “it gives us a connection to the reality in companies”.

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