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Arturo Echevarría

Wednesday, 27 de March, 2019

Arturo Echevarría, the Co-Founder of ADTV, is the Alumni Ambassador in Mexico, after taking the Master in Marketing and Commercial Management at EAE Business School. In this interview, he tells us a little more about his latest project,, a technology development company specializing in innovation, 100% comprised of Mexican talent.

You are the Co-Founder of ADTV, a technology company. How did it all begin?

It all started when I was working on a technological project as the Director (Cripto 4S). It was a system designed to help companies keep their documentation in order for the Tax Authority. Being involved in lots of meetings to sell the project, I realized that companies need flexible, made-to-measure systems. The project that I was working on did not cater for this aspect, a fact that I told to the project’s Programming Director, Sergio Pereda. We then decided to go it alone to generate this satisfaction on the market and set up a joint project, ADTV.

What does the company do?

ADTV is a technology development company that is always focused on innovation. All our developments are 100% in-house and we proudly use 100% Mexican talent.

What are your business lines?

Our services span 3 business units: Development, Technological Innovation and Digital Signage. In the Development division, we specialize in software, apps, web design, systems and automations. In the Technological Innovation, division, we create Interactive Holograms, VR, Augmented Reality, interactive floors and walls, games and touchscreens, among many other products, creating experiences that have a real impact on consumers. We have also created Digital Signage, a system designed to manage advertising spaces on remote controlled screen, whereby we can control the content of each screen regardless of its location, all from a single computer, enhancing the profitability of any screen with advertising spaces. At ADTV, we develop made-to-measure projects, substantiate ideas and make them a reality because, with our technology, anything is possible

Online developments and Mexican talent – tell us about these differential features of the company.

All the developments are now done in-house or, in other words, they are produced in our offices by our team, without relying on any third parties, applying a new project management methodology known as SCRUM. This way of working enables us to set ourselves apart in terms of various factors: time, as we deliver projects in less time that our competitors; cost, as we do all the development in-house and don’t depend on third parties, giving us the advantage of really competitive costs on the market; and quality, because we ensure that we have the best talent, equipped to perform their tasks to an incredible degree of quality.

Implementing the SCRUM methodology also contributes to our transparency, as we offer our clients the opportunity to interact with us throughout the development of the project, being constantly updated about the status of the tasks, enhancing their confidence and the credibility of our work right through to the satisfactory completion of the project

What possibilities does technology offer companies?

We firmly believe that companies that don’t embrace technology tend to die over time. They don’t necessarily have to be companies specializing in technology, but they must be supported by technology to conduct any of their processes more efficiently. This is even more important nowadays as we are witnessing the transformation of business models, with an ever-growing number of technological and innovative companies being set up. As a result, companies that invest in technology have the chance to become market leaders. At a personal level, I really ascribe to a quote by Steve Jobs: " Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower".

How are your teams structured?

In my opinion, in order to have successful, high-performing teams, you have to hire people who are often more capable than you, and you need to be humble enough to acknowledge that. You then have to empower and train them, creating an excellent culture of communication so that they see you as a leader rather than a boss.

You took the Master in Marketing and Commercial Management in 2012-2013. Tell us what some of your memories about your time at the School.

I have the best memories of my studies at the School. With respect to the lecturers, the mere fact of having professionals like Pedro Sánchez, who taught me the course on leadership, as well as absolutely all the other lecturers that I had the joy of listening to and learning from, is the greatest legacy that a school can give you. In fact, I would love to go back in time and pay even more attention than I did at the time (he laughs).

Do you still have friends from your time at EAE?

With respect to my classmates, I have to say that I made a family in the time I was studying at EAE and, because I believe that family is forever, of course, we still see each other and talk regularly. We have had the opportunity to catch up in different countries, go to their weddings, see them have children. It goes without saying that these friendships will stand the test of time!

Are you still in contact with the Business School?

I had such a great experience at EAE that I decided to keep in touch with the School, which I now support by acting as the Alumni Ambassador in Mexico.

What impact has your time studying at EAE had? How has it affected your personal and professional evolution?

As far as I am concerned, there was one Arturo before EAE and a different Arturo afterwards, thanks to the incredible experiences I had and lessons I learned both in and outside the School. In my opinion, it was a watershed in term of my maturity as a person and as a professional.

Would you recommend EAE?

I think you can probably guess from my previous answers! Of course, I would recommend EAE!