Current affairs

Thursday, 12 de July, 2018

EAE Business School works with the best international schools to set up agreements between students. At the graduation ceremony for the class of 2017-2018 at EAE’s Barcelona Campus, a special award was given to Babson College, the prestigious private higher education institution in the United States, located in Wellesley, Massachusetts. The accolade was collected by Amir Reza, the Vice-Rector, in recognition of the international and multicultural education that Babson College provides.

Amir Reza said that he was very excited to attend the ceremony, receive the award and spend time with the graduates as they celebrated their great achievement. He congratulated them all and added that “Barcelona is a beautiful city to visit at this time of year. It is the first time that I have been here and I have been made to feel very welcome. I am really enjoying my stay”.

Babson College works with a team of collaborative educators and Amir Reza has been a member of this group since earlier this year. “We invite a total of around 35 prestigious universities from all over the world, including EAE Business School, to come together every year to focus on research and education in entrepreneurship”. Moreover, he explained that, next week, they are welcoming a group of Master students to a great program at Babson College and one of the faculty members will join the research group and work with them at the university.

Babson College trains entrepreneurs for countries all over the world. “We believe that we can teach entrepreneurship. People aren’t born entrepreneurs, so we adopt an approach known as "Entrepreneurial Thought & Action" (ET&A), which helps students understand that they have to think of solutions in their community and take action in line with these solutions, at the same time as learning from the action taken through careful reflection”. He emphasized that it is a process through which we can resolve both social and economic problems around world. “It is a matter of educating entrepreneurs from all different parts of the world, and building partnerships with institutions such as EAE Business School helps us achieve this”.