Current affairs

Monday, 12 de March, 2018

Other attendees at the dinner included Josep María Altarriba, the Dean of EAE, lecturers and members of the academic faculty. Altarriba emphasized that the accolade of being named on the Dean’s List is accompanied by a certificate and accreditation of professionalism, adding that these top students are the School’s greatest ambassadors. It should be highlighted that many of the students are unaware that this list exists and, when notified that they have qualified to become a member, it comes as a huge surprise.

Irene Vilà, the Director of Academic Excellence Programs, explained that “the Dean’s List is formed by picking the best student on each Master, which is measured by the best average score. The top 20 make it on to the list and are invited to the gala dinners held in their honour in Madrid and Barcelona”. Moreover, the best student overall and the best at each campus wins a free optional residential program. “Every year, the level is really high, but this year many of our expectations have been surpassed. The highest score was 9.7”.

The students were proud to receive this accolade because it is given in recognition of their hard work. “I didn’t have any idea that this list even exists and, for me, it is a source of great satisfaction”, explained Rosana Froment, a graduate of the Master in Financial Management. “It was a hard year in all respects: working full time, planning my wedding and studying all at the same time. In my opinion, the people who have more things on their plate are the same people who organize themselves better”. Rosana emphasized that the Master was excellent because the lecturers are really involved in the university. They all work in the field and also have great teaching skills. As well as having extensive experience in their sectors, they are also skilled lecturers. Rosana now works in a pharmaceutical company in management control and she would like to make a change in her career in order to grow.

Meanwhile, May Ahmed Hussein, an Egyptian graduate of the Master in Marketing and Sales, feels very honoured to be named on the Dean's List. “It is recognition for the hard work that I have made. It is a great honour. Words can’t describe how I feel right now”. As far as May is concerned, coming to EAE is the best decision she has ever made. “Studying here in Barcelona, at this campus, I have learned a lot from my lecturers. I have made lots of friends. I have been able to build great friendships and I have had the opportunity to live in Barcelona. In my opinion, it has been a really full experience from any perspective: the School, the location, the lecturers and the students, who have now become my best friends”. May has just started working in a company called Room Dimensions, which is based here in Barcelona, and “my plan is to stay here”.

Anton Shvartcman, a Russian former student on the International MBA, explained that he had not expected to receive an invitation to this dinner. “It was a big surprise to receive the email. It is a great pleasure to be here today, together with my classmates, who are a wonderful bunch”. Anton has had a fantastic time at the Campus, “and is very proud to be a member of the students at this School, and even more so to rank among the best”. The former student describes Barcelona as “a brilliant city and, in terms of the School, I have made loads of friends, with whom I have shared great communication and relationships. I have always been really comfortable here and have never felt out of place. I am really grateful to the classmates who I have studied with because they really helped me”. He is now working in Barcelona, in a film production company and hopes that, one day, we will be able to watch his films on the big screen.

To draft the Dean’s List, the students with the top scores are selected, based on the weighted average for each Master, on the condition that it is higher that 8.5. Once the best students on each program have been identified, they are ranked from the highest score downwards and the student with the best overall score is named as EAE’s brightest.