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Wednesday, 2 de January, 2019

A graduate in Psychology, Joyce Guillén works as an International Recruiter Consultant at Catenon, a technological personnel selection multinational operating with a Web2 model.

First of all, tell us about your position at Catenon and your day-to-day duties at the company.

As an International Recruiter Consultant, the objective of my position is to attract the best talent for organizations. This involves ensuring that the candidate is not only suitable in terms of technical competences, languages and soft skills, but also making sure that the candidate identifies with the organization’s values and, moreover, they are able to add value to the business.

How did the opportunity arise to join a technological selection company like Catenon?

Through an active search on the EAE Business School portal, for which I did a lot of work beforehand on my professional profiles on LinkedIn and Infojobs thanks to my advisor on the Professional Careers Department.

What was the selection process like? Did you prepare in any particular way?

In fact, what I did was ensure that my professional summary reflected my personal brand and what matters to me most: my values, beliefs, interests, etc., always having a very clear idea of my goal.

How did you feel when they told you that you were the selected candidate?

I was very pleased and satisfied because it is not only well aligned with my professional career but also with my life project.

Why do you think you are the ideal person to work at Catenon?

Because I have extensive experience in the area and, moreover, I am a results-oriented, flexible and creative person. I also adapt well to multicultural work teams.

What experience do you think you can gain at the company?

I will learn a great deal because I work with a high-performing, multicultural team. In fact, I learn something new every day. In addition, as we work with different clients, I gain an insight into the international market and develop leadership competences related to having a clear strategy, influencing people and managing complex situations.

What contribution can you make to Catenon?

My professional experience professional in the field of Talent Attraction, as well as my experience on the market working in various sectors. Moreover, on a personal level, I always fly the flag for the company I am working in and give it my all.

Are you putting the knowledge acquired on the Master into practice?

Certainly, the Master in Human Resources has enhanced my development at both a professional and personal level. It was the perfect experience for pushing me outside my comfort zone.

What are Catenon’s strength?

Catenon is a technological company operating on all five continents, enabling you to be connected globally. As such, it eliminates the geographical distance between candidates and stakeholders. Catenon firmly believes that a successful team is one that values and respects cultural differences because you can learn something new every day and it enriches you as a professional and as a person. The people who work at Catenon are highly qualified, results-oriented, flexible and creative.

What impact do you expect the experience you are gaining at Catenon to have on your professional future?

At Catenon, I have strengthened competences that I had started developing in my previous experiences, as well as acquiring new competences related to my capacity to have a much broader overview of the international employment market. In addition, as it is a technological company, I have managed to become more strategic and develop new digital skills that enable me to keep more up to date and add value to organizations.

Why did you decide to take the Master in HR Management?

I have always been inquisitive and keen to learn. In this globalized and constantly changing world, anybody who is not willing to learn something new is unlikely to be able to adapt to the changes. In addition, I want to work with companies as a strategic business partner and that requires me to develop multiple leadership competences, as well as mastering new digital skills.

What aspects of the knowledge and skills you acquired at EAE would you highlight?

As it is a Business School, EAE equips you comprehensively and systematically to join and adapt to a globalized and competitive world. Therefore, when you complete the Master, you can apply the knowledge you have acquired and add value in the real world.

Besides the academic side of things, what other experiences did you have in your year at EAE Business School?

Having an international experience forces you out of your comfort zone. It also helps you to develop competences such as collaboration, accepting differences and managing ambiguity in order to influence others.

Would you recommend EAE Business School? Why?

Absolutely! The content of the Master is of great value as a professional, as the classes are given by lecturers who are qualified in the field and who strive to combine the theory with real business models. Moreover, the School gives you the key skills to develop your soft skills, as well as advising you on your professional career so that you can successfully join the employment market in Spain.

Is there anything else you would like to add about EAE Business School?

EAE has strong relations with different companies and this enables you to expand your network of contacts at an international level. It also has a renowned Research Centre and works to position the School as one of the best place to study. Personally, I think that it is a real plus if you are thinking of doing a PhD.