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15 January





Cultural Visit: Picasso Museum of Barcelona

Next Tuesday, 15th of January at 05:35p.m., we will have the opportunity to take a tour to the Picasso Museum of Barcelona.

Tuesday, 15 de January, 2019 17:35

The human figure was Pablo Picasso’s prime subject and portraiture always occupied an important place in his art. He hardly ever worked to commission and virtually all his portraits and caricatures depicted people in his intimate circle at the time.
Free from external pressure, he interpreted his subjects according to his vision and understanding of them, choosing the style and medium he deemed most expressive or appropriate on that particular occasion. Caricature was a favourite activity and many of his mature painted portraits involved the simplifications and distortions typical of the genre, and occasionally its humour.

After the visit we do not want you to leave, stay with us and share a conversation while we invite you to drink a eat something. It's our networking time!


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