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Tuesday, 20 de March, 2018

Well known for introducing a disruptive style of marketing, Alba García and Marta Gómez, the Directors of Talent and Human Resources at Desigual, explained that it is a young and fresh company, that is currently undergoing “a period of transformation, both in terms of products and the stores, being committed to an omni-channel approach and expansion into other continents such as Latin America and Asia”. Precisely for this reason, they are looking for people to lead and take part in this change.

The presentation took place on the 8th March within the framework of the employability week organized by EAE Business School. More than 100 companies took part in the four-day event, giving participants an insight into their mission, vision and values, and recruiting the brightest young talent. Moreover, far more than giving just a theoretical overview of the companies, the recruiters who came to the School met the interested students in person, conducting selection interviews and finding out about their professional concerns.

During their visit to the School, Alba García and Marta Gómez explained the benefits of working at Desigual: good atmosphere, sports club, canteen for lunch, free fruit and coffee, medical services, bicycle parking, flexible timetable, open workspaces, training for employees, seeing and taking part in the company’s creative process, etc. In general, they mentioned that they need people with a great deal of vitality, enthusiasm, passion, drive and motivation. In addition, they run Open Days, internal parties, meetings to talk to the chairman. “We also have a certain level of informality whereby everyone can put ideas forward if they want”, added the professionals.

Furthermore, they went on to explain that, at Desigual, they always promote creativity and people who adapt quickly to change are valued highly. “It is the lifeblood of the company”, being flexible, restless and being able to work as a team.

Desigual currently has vacant positions in a range of departments, both in terms of first professional jobs and internships. Selection processes are currently under way in departments such as Marketing, Finance, Product, Supply Chain and IT. The Directors of Talent Human Resources highlighted the fact that 80% of interns that have started at Desigual have gone on to build their careers at the company. The company employs professionals from 100 different countries, so English and other languages are an important feature.

The students were very enthusiastic about the opportunity to find out about and work in a company of this stature. “It is different and offers lots of benefits to its employees”, explained Sofía Paradera, a student on the Master in Marketing and Commercial Management. With respect to Talent Week, in her opinion, it is a great idea for gaining a first-hand insight into all kinds of companies.

For Adriana, a Mexican student on Master in Project Management, Desigual is an international brand “that gives me the chance to be mobile and work in different countries”. In her opinion, Talent Week is an excellent opportunity to interact face to face with companies. “We have seen well-structured companies that know what they need and the positions they have to fill. Other companies require technical profiles and that is great because that means that students that fulfil that profile go to the sessions”. She is currently looking to do an internship but her goal is to work for a global company that enables her to move back to her country.

EAE’s Talent Week is a unique event that welcomes the participation of more than 120 national and international companies. Students have the opportunity to interact with the companies’ Human Resources professionals and apply for positions in their departments, either on an internship or employment basis.


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