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Wednesday, 29 de August, 2018

What position do you hold at L’Oréal and what are your day-to-day tasks?

I work in the Supply Planning Department of the Mass Market Division, where I work with the HUB Iberia Launch Management team for Spain and Portugal. We oversee the entire process, from managing product entry, stock control, promotions, catalogue standardization, decoration and material creation right through to quality processes.

L’Oréal was one of the companies taking part in the latest edition of EAE Business School’s Talent Week. Did you find out about the company and its employment offers thanks to this initiative?

I already knew the company and the positions available. Who doesn’t know L’Oréal and the opportunities it offers? Right from the time I started my degree, I knew that my goal was to join L’Oréal. I love the world of fashion and cosmetics, and I have always paid close attention to the company’s processes, strategies and new developments. When I graduated, I applied to the cosmetic company several times and, since then, I have continued training to meet its requirements and qualify for the process. At Talent Week, I took the opportunity to speak to them and show my interest in joining the multinational, even though I was already registered on its talent search platform, through which they then got in touch with me.

What were you looking for in the vacant positions advertised by L’Oréal?

I was primarily looking for roles related to my area of specialization, Supply Chain, which would give me the opportunity to learn and grow both personally and professionally. L’Oréal offered me the whole package: a job directly related to supply, loads of opportunities for growth, a great working atmosphere, etc., as well as the chance to form part of an international company that moves huge volumes, which will be very rewarding for me professionally.

Why did you think your profile was ideal for the position?

I studied Law and Business Administration and Management. Taking two completely different degrees taught me to adapt quickly to change and work under pressure, while acquiring the specific technical knowledge of both degrees. I have always been attracted to the world of business, especially the operations area, so I decided to take the Master in Supply Chain Management and Logistics. I chose to concentrate on the area of Supply Chain because it covers so many stages of a company’s production and the way in which effective management and optimization can give a company a significant competitive advantage that many companies fail to realise. I also consider myself an analytical person able to react quickly to problems. I have no trouble working at a fast pace, which is essential in the world of Mass Market, so I feel that I fulfilled the requirements of the position perfectly.

What was the selection process at L’Oréal and how did you prepare for it?

It consisted of three interviews: a telephone conversation, an interview with the Human Resources Department and, thirdly, an interview with the Supply Planning Manager. EAE runs lots of employability workshops, which help you to go to interviews with greater confidence. To prepare for the interviews, I also searched for information about the department and the Mass Market division, as I already know the company inside out.

How did you feel when the told you that you had been selected for the position?

I was really pleased and proud of having achieved my objective, with a great deal of enthusiasm and motivation to tackle this new challenge.

Now from inside the company, what aspects of L’Oréal and its working atmosphere would you highlight?

In my opinion, one of the best things about L´Oréal is its working atmosphere. They take you on board as just another member of the team right from the start. They run lots of group activities and the communication within the team and between the departments is constant and open.

What were your initial expectations? Are they being fulfilled?

My initial expectations were to be well integrated into the team and quickly adapting to the tasks I had to perform, as well as taking on more responsibilities every day. Although I haven’t been there very long at all, I feel that these expectations are being met.

What do you hope to learn from this experience? What impact will it have on your professional future?

I hope to be able to apply all the knowledge acquired over the course of the Master in practice and gain a perfect understanding of how a Supply Chain Department operates in a multinational company, as well as insight into the processes they apply and the tasks that have to be done. In terms of my future, I think that this experience will be very highly rated. Joining a company like L´Oréal gives you significant professional training, as you are considered just another member of the team right from day one and you have to learn to resolve problems fast.

As well as supply chain, you are very interested in the application of big data. How do these two areas complement each other to enhance the productivity and efficiency of companies?

Digital transformation is a necessary reality for all companies nowadays, so its incorporation in companies is a requirement that companies have to respond to as soon as possible if they don’t want to be left behind in the market.

Does the Master you took at EAE train students in new market trends?

Absolutely. There were courses more related to technology that taught us about new trends and their importance.

What aspect of the content you learned in the classroom would you highlight?

The most remarkable aspect about the School is the diversity of students in the classes. In my case, I was lucky enough to share the year with fantastic classmates with whom I had a great time and learned lots. I have really improved in terms of how I work in a team and my classmates have given me an insight into different and enriching perspectives, experiences and knowledge.

Do you feel better prepared to approach the employment market?

I now feel confident and prepared to join the employment market. I have been lucky enough to join it in a company as incredible as L’Oréal.

Would you recommend EAE? Why?

Although there were a few incidents related to the organization and faculty at the start of the Master, I would like to highlight the unbeatable experience of working with my classmates, the Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics has given me an extensive network of contacts and has enhanced my profile in the professional world.

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