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Friday, 23 de March, 2018

The sessions held by Siemens took place on the morning of 8th March at the Madrid campus of EAE Business School. Led by Dory Liquete, a Recruiting Specialist at Siemens, the session generated a great response from the students who packed out the Event Hall. Liquete gave the attendees an overview of the company’s role in society, the positions currently available at the company and the requirements for applying for them.

“Siemens is a great unknown”, explained Dory Liquete to start the session, adding that we all know that it exists but the general public doesn’t notice its presence in their everyday lives. The reason for this is that the German company does not provide products or services to the end consumer, but rather we benefit from its technology indirectly, for instance when we turn on a light, catch a train or take a flight.

With offices in more than 150 countries and 350,000 employees, Siemens specializes in three main areas: electrification, to improve renew energy sources and its transformation and transportation to the end customer; automation, which simplifies all industrial processes and enables energy to be saved; and digitization, which enables us to identify the behaviour of a machine, predict faults, etc. These three blocks “make us leaders in Industry 4.0”.

Siemens forms part of the innovative Speedfactory system at Adidas. It is also involved in Formula 1, in the Redbull team. Moreover, it is a pioneer in the world of healthcare, enabling better care and services to be offered.

The German company currently has vacant positions available. “Throughout the year, up to 200 positions become available, in all areas of the business”. They look for engineers, finance students, people specializing in the world of digitization, data analysis, etc. “The profiles are very varied because we do everything. As an international company, Siemens need internship students with a good level of English, with a level test being included in the selection process.

The selected students are given 900 hours of internship, with a completely flexible timetable. In addition, when they need to employ a new professional, “the company makes the most of its talent mine, because it is a fairer way of doing things and they are well trained”. Moreover, Dory Liquete emphasized that they do not apply any criteria in terms of age or nationality, but they do in terms of experience.

The presentation given by Siemens at EAE Business School gave students an opportunity to gain an insight into the multinational company, its philosophy, its values and, most importantly, its selection processes and vacant positions. After the presentation, students had the chance to chat to the guest speaker and hand in their CV for any future opportunities. In this way, Talent Week promotes relations between students and companies, with both sides benefitting. Employability and talent search were the two main focuses of the more than 100 companies that took part in EAE Business School’s Talent Week.



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