Current affairs

Monday, 5 de March, 2018

The Petit Comité restaurant in Madrid was the venue chosen to hold a new dinner to celebrate Dean’s List of the students at the Madrid Campus of EAE Business School. The event was organized in recognition of the students that have made it on to this exclusive list, thanks to their efforts and academic progress at the School.

In addition, the gala dinner also offered a great networking opportunity, in view of the fact that many of the students did not know each other, as they belonged to different fields and study modes. Therefore, the ideal scene was set to enjoy a spectrum of emotions that ranged from excitement at receiving this accolade from the School to the enjoyment of having the chance to share a more personal experience with the classmates at the School.

The Dean’s List is formed of the best 20 students at the whole School, regardless of the Campus that they study at. The students on the list from the Madrid Campus are: José Luis López Suárez, former student on the Global Executive MBA; Gustavo Salto Johansson, from the Master in Marketing Management; Sandro Arrufar Martín, from the Master in Corporate Communication Management; María Fátima Leotta Vedia, from the Master in Human Resources Management; Nicole Harakipidis, from the Master in Marketing & Sales; Javier Álvarez Urieta, from the Executive MBA; Andreas Arampatzis, from the International MBA; José Patricio Antequera Sánchez, from the Executive Development Program; Camilo Velandia Castrillón, from the Master in Online Marketing and Electronic Commerce; Cristina Gómez-Cuétara Albo, from the Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics; Juan Luis Vázquez López, from the Master in Project Management; Francisco Arminio Lorente, from the Master in Commercial and Sales Management; Yannick Domke, from the Master in International Business; Kakio Alexander Araujo Ojeda, from the Master in Online Marketing and Digital Commerce; and Laura Andrea Cure Monterroza, from the Master in Project Management.

On behalf of the School, the students were accompanied by the Dean of EAE Business School, Josep María Altarriba, as well as representatives from the various services and departments at the School, such as Academic Coordination and Professional Careers. After the dinner, when presenting the students with an accrediting certificate, Altarriba gave a short speech to the students present, congratulating them for now forming part of the School’s history, an achievement that is testament to the dedication and efforts they have made in the course of their academic progress.

The students’ feelings and appreciation

Humility and teamwork were the feelings most evident among the students who attended the dinner. Drawing a parallel to football’s Golden Ball award, Javier Álvarez, a former student on the Executive MBA, explained than “no student is more important than any other. In my opinion, this is like a real Golden Ball award, but with an important team behind us that makes it all possible”. In his case, he added that he decided to take an Executive MBA to take a leap forward in his professional career towards managerial positions, while, at the same time, continuing in his position at Mutua Madrileña. After a year and a half on the program, he said that the group of classmates had “almost become a family”. “They are really involved in the Master. We really give it our all. You meet like-minded people with common interests, who you will spend a lot of your life with. It is normal that these relationships develop”.

For José Patricio Antequera Sánchez, from the Executive Development Program, this accolade in recognition of their efforts is also “like winning the Golden Ball”. The former student gave two main reasons why he decided to continue his education. Firstly, he had just set up a small startup and “saw it as an opportunity to improve and add value to the company”. The second reason was more personal, he had a thirst for knowledge and drive to constantly update his skills. “Times change too fast and you can find yourself obsolete all too quickly”.

Discussing his program, not only did he highlight the academic faculty and classmates, but also the cross-profile skills that are covered. “I am taking lots of things away with me from my time at the School, starting with tonight”. In addition, he explained that he is continuing with his startup and has recently returned to the employment market, in the energy sector in which he previously worked. “The year I have spent at EAE Business School has been so valuable to me for the work I am doing”.

Other students on the Dean’s List who are entrepreneurs include Sandro Arrufat Martín, from the Master in Corporate Communication Management. In his case, he set up the company while he was studying on the program and he has been able to apply all the knowledge he acquired in the classes to the project. “I wanted to specialize in Corporate Communication Management and I looked for the best Master in Spain”.

During the dinner, other students recounted how EAE Business School has helped them to take the professional leap forward that they were looking for. These included Juan Luis Vázquez López, a former student on the Master in Project Management. “I wanted to shift towards executive positions and I needed a leap to take this leap. Now, I am a Project Manager at Telefónica”. Juan Luis remembered how hard it could sometimes be to study a Master in the Weekend format. “There have been good days, calls at all hours, things that went wrong and so on. It is hard, but you do it with a purpose and because you really want it. All in all, I really enjoyed it, because I love what I do”.