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María Ruiz Contreras, a student on the Master in International Business at the Madrid Campus

Monday, 29 de January, 2018

The network of contacts that students build in the classrooms of EAE Business School is not limited to the lecturers and guest speakers at events, but rather it includes the students and classmates themselves, who recommend different employment opportunities and professional opportunities. This is the case of María Ruiz Contreras, a student on the Master in International Business at the Madrid Campus, who has had the chance to work as a Community Manager for the technology consultancy MVP Cluster thanks to one of her classmates.

Marketing has always grabbed my attention”, explained the student in this interview. She explained that she is currently learning to use some of the tools required in this field more effectively. This is a challenge for her, in view of the fact that, as well as this professional experience and taking the Master, María has also been selected to join the INSIDE LVMH program. “I hope to be able to take full advantage of this experience and get a more in-depth insight into LVMH, how it operates, its tradition and values”.

The student embarked on her Master program in October 2017, which she remembers fondly. She mentioned Welcome Week, the event organized by the School designed to enable the students on the various programs to get to know each other. The reasons that María would recommend EAE Business School include the multicultural environment in the classrooms, with more than 15 nationalities, the School’s reputation and the academic program. Moreover, she would particularly recommend the Master in International Business to “students who have never had any contact with this type of business-related issues”.

First of all, tell us about your position at MVP Cluster and your daily tasks there. 

At MVP Cluster, I am an intern in digital marketing and social media, better known as a Community Manager. I am gradually learning how to use certain tools better, such as WordPress and Office365, which I had not previously worked with.

My main tasks are promoting the company and supervising the blog of MVP’s Commercial Director. This last task is the most important, as we are drafting a new blog that will be a great help to anybody interested in Office365 and EMS, no my key duty is raising awareness of the blog and, at the same time, adding the new posts.

How did this professional opportunity come about? 

Thanks to a classmate at EAE who mentioned that they were looking for somebody with a marketing and sales profile. After seeing that the company in question was a technology consultancy with a great image, I decided to apply for an internship.

When you saw the vacant position, the profile of the candidate they were looking for and the company it was, why were you interested in applying? 

Above all, the thing that grabbed my attention was the fact that it was a technology consultancy. I had never worked in this sector before and I thought that it was a great opportunity to learn lots and broaden my knowledge. Moreover, working in marketing was something that I liked quite a lot and I was keen to try.

Why do you think you are the ideal person for this position?

Well, as I mentioned, I had always been keen on marketing. In addition, MVP Cluster is a company in a growth phase and technology is obviously a big deal at the moment. I consider myself to be hard-working and curious, so I decided that it might be a good option for starting my professional career.

What was the selection process like?

First of all, I had a conversation with the Director of Human Resources, who was really natural with me all the time. He explained what the job entailed. After deciding that I was interested, I sent him my curriculum and, even though my profile was quite different to what they were used to, I had an interview and they selected me.

How did you feel when they told you that you had been selected for the position? 

It was satisfying because it was the first internship that I have ever done in this kind of company, and it was based in Madrid. I also knew right from the start that it was going to be a challenge, because taking a Master and doing an internship at the same time is no easy task.

What do you hope to learn from this experience? 

I want to learn how to manage social media and the different tools used in marketing perfectly. If possible, I would also like to get to know the sales sector, but we will see about that some time in the future.

Now, from the inside, what aspects of MVP Cluster would you highlight? 

The great atmosphere in the office is obviously ideal. We are all in the same room and we share a really natural dynamic and trust. In addition, as I am on an internship, they are really flexible and understanding in terms of my timetable.

How does the company’s commitment to talent manifest itself?

Right from the start, I realised that, at MVP, they strive to develop each employee’s potential to the full. Moreover, I think that every member of MVP Cluster considers themselves to be a fundamental and essential part of the company.

Due to the company’s direct relation to technology, it takes part in various events, such as Retina organized by El País, which focused on digital transformation. How has your field been transformed and where do you think the trend is heading? 

While I still strongly believing in technology, my field has been transformed thanks to endless possibilities being discovered that I previously knew nothing about. Perhaps if I hadn’t worked in this sector, I wouldn’t be aware of the number of tasks and support that technology helps us with nowadays.

As well as your experience at MVP Cluster, you are also taking part in the INSIDE LVMH program. Tell us more about it. What is it, how did they select you and what is the purpose of the program? 

That’s right. INSIDE LVMH is a program that is under way in six European countries, enabling students at certain selected schools to gain a more in-depth insight into the experience and professional opportunities within the luxury sector.

EAE posted the announcement of the opportunity on its online campus online and it really grabbed my attention. I had always been keen to work in this sector and, when I saw the offer, I applied without hesitation. I went to a meeting in which they explained how the program worked and the future professional opportunities that we would have. The selection process was based on a one-minute elevator pitch in which you had to answer a couple of questions.

The aim of the initiative is for young talents to experience the world of luxury in relation to the future and innovation.

In this case, why did you want LVMH to consider you and what did you hope to learn? 

Finding out that I had been selected was really satisfying. The fact that such a large, important company and, moreover, in a sector that I was interested in saw something in me that they didn’t see in the other candidates made me determined to get the very most out of this experience. I hope to learn all I can about the company and find out how it works, its tradition and values, as well as learning to achieve the goals of the program: combining tradition and innovation in the world of luxury.

In terms of your curriculum, working in companies like MVP Cluster and LVMH will obviously be a great boost. What impact do you expect these experiences will have on your future? 

For sure, I expect them to be a launch pad and that they mark a turning point in my professional career and personal development. In addition, I am certain that they will open lots of doors for me and broaden my horizons a great deal.

Looking to the future, what are your professional objectives in the short and long term? 

My objectives are very similar in both the short and long term. In the short term, I would like to join the workforce at LVMH and start to get to know the company gradually. In the long term, my objective would be to reach a good position in LVMH that I am passionate about and which involves responsibilities. Therefore, I would be able to contribute my all to the company.

Tell us about your academic background. Your Bachelor Degree was in translation and interpreting, and then you went on to take a Master in International Business. Why did you decide to do the MIB at EAE? 

Well, I was always sure that, if there were was one sphere I wanted to work in, it had to be international. So, I thought that German and Russian in my Bachelor Degree followed by the a Master like the MIB would be the perfect combination. As well as the international atmosphere, with more than 15 nationalities in my class, and the School’s good standing, the courses it offered grabbed my attention as they encompass lots of topics that I had never studied before, from finance and marketing right through to law and many other areas.

You mentioned the experience of sharing the classroom with classmates from different countries. How do you rate this multiculturalism and what have you gained from it? 

Multiculturalism is a key part of working in the business world nowadays. Everybody from each country and culture shares their habits and way of doing things, and that is what makes it an incredible group, filled with people with common interests and shared goals. Without a doubt, part of what makes the MIB unique is the multicultural environment.

Beyond the academic training, what other experiences have you had in your year at Business School?

At the start of the academic year, during the Welcome Week, we had the chance to share and experience with students from other Masters. This enabled us to meet other people who we would go on to share time with throughout the year.

Do you feel well-equipped to tackle the employment market? 

Well, right now I am in a learning process, working out how to operate on this market, but I could say yes, I do. Some of the situations that you have to tackle when taking the MIB and participating in programs such as INSIDE LVMH or at MVP Cluster require you to adapt to be able to work with classmates who are very different from you and with whom you often do not share the same opinions. Moreover, you learn to tackle difficult or tense situation that you had never come across before.

Would you recommend EAE Business School and the MIB? Why? 

Of course. EAE Business School is proving to be a really rewarding experience at both a personal and academic level. The MIB gives you the chance to delve into lots of professional spheres, learn about them and decide which one you want to focus on in the future. Last but not least, I would particularly recommend the MIB students who have never had any contact with this type of business-related issues.