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Ignacio Santamartina y Rocío Álvarez-Ossorio

Monday, 2 de September, 2019

The Annual Report 2018 includes statistics about the profile of EAE Business School’s entrepreneurial students and an overview of the options and resources that the School offers to students interested in implementing their own projects. These initiatives include a specific tuition program, the Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the EAE Lab business incubator, Responsible Entrepreneurship Workshops, partnerships with companies and expert guidance.

Entrepreneurship in figures

Key figures in relation to EAE’s commitment to the entrepreneurial ecosystem include 18 projects accelerated in EAE Lab and over 50 entrepreneurship partners that work with the School. In fact, more than 10% of EAE’s students are entrepreneurs, with over 50% of the accelerated projects having been launched on to the market.

EAE students keen to embark on their own business venture now account for 10% of the total, meaning that the vast majority, 90%, still opt to work as an employee. The average EAE entrepreneur is 32 years old with 5 years’ professional experience. Our entrepreneurs come from 26 different countries (34% Spanish and 58% from the Americas). While the majority (60%) are men, 40% of the School’s entrepreneurs are women, specializing in emerging sectors such as ICT, Big Data and BI, followed by other industries including Advertising, Marketing/PR and ecommerce. Other ventures focus on markets related to hospitality, tourism and catering.

Entrepreneurship as a driving force of the economy

Rocío Álvarez-Ossorio, the Director of EAE Lab, and Ignacio Santamartina, the Director of EAE Business School’s Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, analyse the reality of entrepreneurship in Spain and explain how the School’s project launchpad works. In the Annual Report, they highlight the reality of the entrepreneurial movement and what it means for EAE Business School. The School is strongly committed to entrepreneurship and encourage any students interested in developing their own venture or improving an existing business, giving them access to the best resources: qualified professionals, mentors and the optimal tools to design a legal strategy, incubate a business idea and turn it into a reality, and making direct contact with the market in order to test their hypotheses.

As a result, the participants in the School’s startup launchpad have the power to turn their dreams into reality, thanks to the guidance and training required to prepare successfully for Venture Day, the final challenge for any project searching for financing.

The main new developments for EAE Entrepreneur in 2018

EAE’s mission is to trigger the interest of current and former students in entrepreneurship and help entrepreneurs to succeed. To achieve this, the School has implemented the EAE Entrepreneur program, a scheme that combines several initiatives to support the development and consolidation of businesses and generate an ecosystem that helps to make business ideas a reality.

  • Cross-disciplinary training on entrepreneurship, including initiatives such as EAE Entrepreneur Experience (focused sessions with experts to give entrepreneurs the resources and environment required to develop new ideas) and guidance through the Interim Management scheme. This is all complemented with activities such as TEDxEAE, which gives participants insight into other entrepreneurs’ successes and failures, Workshops for Responsible Entrepreneurs and the Legal Helpdesk.
  • Sessions on financing alternatives, such as the Business Angels Academy and round tables with experts on public and private financing, crowdfunding and grants.
  • EAE Lab, a five-month initiative that facilitates team management and the creation of viable business models.

The EAE Entrepreneur team

In 2018, a range of professional profiles joined the EAE Entrepreneur and EAE Lab team to optimize the service provided to our entrepreneurial students. The EAE Lab team is made up of professionals such as Álvaro Cuesta, the Founder and President of Sonar Ventures and CEO and founder of Food In The Box; Henri Mennens, an Innovation Specialist at Minsait (Indra) and Manager of the Product Office; Anindya Saha, the Partner and Founder of Nero Ventures and Investment Specialist; Jorge Urios, the Founder and Owner of Ecommerce Moda and a lecturer on EAE’s Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation; Carlos Arciénaga, the Director of Business Development at Smartup; Jesús Alonso Gallo, the Chief Sales Officer and Founder at The Primos New York, serial investor, mentor and lecturer; Loreta Calero, the International Liaison Partner for Auditing and Consultancy; and Emilio Rodríguez, the Co-Founder and CEO at Lyra.

Other leading professionals on the team include Izanami Martínez, the Co-Founder and CEO at The Notox Life; Adrián Heredia, the CEO of Byld and Co-Founder of The Element; José Luis Santamaría, a Sales Manager at Microsoft; Jacobo Parages, a businessman, coach and conference speaker; Rafael Terol, the Corporate and SMC Transformation and Growth Project Manager at IBM.

Check the full version of EAE’s Annual Report 2018 HERE