Current affairs

Wednesday, 28 de February, 2018

Josep María Altarriba, the Dean of EAE Business School, inaugurated the event and commended the students’ efforts over the last few months, which he assured them would be rewarded. Juan Bernardo, a former student of the IMBA from the 2016 Graduating Class and current Director of Trade Marketing at Reckitt Benckiser, gave a speech of encouragement to the recent graduates. “Taking inspiration from the days and times that I experienced as a student, what we built together”, Juan has grown both professionally and personally, having met his wife at EAE.

Meanwhile, Rubén Vilar Rial-Prego, a student on the Master in Marketing & Sales, represented the students from this Graduating Class, giving an emotive speech to mark the culmination of his studies. “It is a great honour to be able to give this speech because I am representing the classmates with whom I have spent the last year”. Rubén explained that his experience on the Master has been great, “and I now share professional experiences with students and lecturers. I recommend it to everybody. Being in Barcelona is a big plus, in terms of the experience and the opportunity to learn another language”. The recent graduate is doing an internship as a Retail Merchandise Planner at Mango Man and, when he finishes, he will look for work in a consultancy.

The Program Directors were satisfied with the final assessment of the Masters of this Graduating Class. Miquel Serracanta, the Program Director of the Master in Supply Chain Management explained that “every year, we update the contents. We have started to develop successful case studies, such as Amazon, which is really important in terms of e-commerce and the supply chain. In addition, we have focused on talent management, and also helping students manage their networking opportunities. We are constantly making changed in order to adapt to the social reality”.

After the speeches, all the attendees had the chance to enjoy a drink together, do a little networking and take photographs as souvenirs of the occasion.

The students recount their experiences

Happy and looking to the future, the now former EAE students told us about their experiences and what they are planning to do from here onwards. Sebastián, and Ecuadorian student on the MBA, is doing an internship in Barcelona and will stay here for six months before returning to his country to set up his own business. “My time at EAE has been positive. We have all learned a great deal and it has been an unforgettable experience being in Barcelona”. Meanwhile, Andrea Ruiz, a Peruvian student of the Master in Marketing and Commercial Management, emphasized the opportunity they have had to get to know so many people from all over the world. “I am really satisfied with my studies and I am now going to stay on here and do an internship. In fact, I am working in Customer Service and I apply everything I have learned on the Master. I am really happy with everything I have achieved on the program”.

Sharing knowledge based on their experience and meeting a fantastic team of lecturers and now friends was the summary given by César Palomino, a Peruvian student on the Master in Supply Chain Management. “I have had a great time in terms of both professional and personal experiences”. César is returning to his country and already has a job interview scheduled and his own venture to develop.

Gabriela, an Ecuadorian student on the Master in Online Marketing and Digital Commerce, explained that the experience on the Master has fulfilled her expectations to a large extent. “I have met some fabulous people and I love Barcelona”. Gabriela will also do an internship and a Master in E-Commerce. Meanwhile, German student Gregor Arnold has had the chance to meet people from lots of different countries. He highlights the tuition and the experience, and he would recommend it to everybody. A former student on the Master in Marketing and Sales, Gregor now plans to return to Germany to work.

Daniela Rosales, a student on the MBA, is not sure whether he will stay on in Spain to do an internship or return to Ecuador. “At EAE, I have grown as a person. It is the first time that I have lived abroad. In my opinion, going to class every day was a joy, something that I had chosen to do. Now I can see the great results. They gave us a great deal of valid knowledge. Barcelona will always hold a place in my heart. There are no words to express what I have experienced this year”. His classmate on the Master, Luis Miguel, described the year at EAE as a positive experience. “I learned and grew as a person. I have memories that will stay with me forever”. He is now looking for work here and in his home country.