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Wednesday, 27 de June, 2018

These are crucial weeks for the students of EAE Business School. Many of them are finishing their examinations, while others have just graduated after years at the School. Barcelona’s Los Tilos restaurant was the venue for this final get-together at which this students, lecturers and academic staff from the Bachelor Degree chatted and looked to the future.

At the event, Josep María Galí, the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, gave a speech, while the attendees had the chance to enjoy the renowned cuisine in the magnificent setting of the terraces of Los Tilos.  EAE Business School’s Bachelor Degree offers bilingual tuition and company internships right from the start, factors that were highly rated among the new graduates.

In this respect, Josep María Galí reminded them that they were coming to the end of a four-year period in which the School has helped them to develop criteria for making decisions, “but the most important fact in that we live in a changing environment and graduates have to be extremely flexible and prepared for lifelong learning. They will have to continue learning and adapting throughout their professional careers”. It was then the turn of Patricia Carvajal, the Director of Internships and Tutorials, who explained that there are two crucial moments in the life of a teacher: when they first meet their students and when they say goodbye, at the end of the fourth year, as she was now doing. “Our students often start by showing interest in the Bachelor Degree, on which they are highly satisfied and motivated, as well as having a strong desire to belong to the EAE community”. She went on to emphasize that many of them then want to continue training on the Master programs run by EAE Business School, although perhaps not immediately.

Albert Arisó, from EAE’s Bachelor Degree Research Department, acknowledged that students are now highly focused on the reality that surrounds them. “Many of them do an internship and gain a practical insight into what they are learning and how companies operate. In addition, they have a good knowledge of languages, they want to take part in the Erasmus program, they are dynamic and participative. It is a very different from how it used to be, when students would do their four years on the campus and that was it. Nowadays, they have a lot of experiences and inputs, which is great for their professional development. Moreover, rather than just giving them information, we train them and enable them to acquire the competences they need for life”.

Fantastic rating from the students for EAE Business School

After four years of study, the students are graduating and will take loads of experiences away with them. For most of the students, the lecturers have played a key role in their lives at the School. I would rate the Bachelor Degree really positively. I have made lots of friends and, most importantly, I would highlight the great professionals who, moreover, currently work in the field, which adds a great deal of value for us”, explained Marina Mestres, a student on the Bilingual Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management. She is now doing an internship at La Caixa, “but my plan is to take the Master in Finance, starting in October, at EAE Business School”.

For Anna Sáez, another student on the Bilingual Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management, these four years have given her the chance to meet lots of people. “In addition, not only do the lecturers teach you, but they also share their everyday experiences working in companies”. The fact that the Bachelor Degree is bilingual is a really valuable feature and it opens up lots of employment opportunities. “In my case, I am doing an internship in the Logistics Department of Danone, and I am really pleased. Moreover, they give me the option of carrying on there if all goes well”.

What are their plans for the future? Many of the new graduates want to do a Master to round off their studies, while others want to gain a more practical insight from inside a company. One such case is Andreu Giró, a student on the Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management. “When I have a clear idea of what I want to do, I will do a specialized Master. I chose EAE Business School to take my Bachelor Degree based on references I had been given and I would recommend in in all aspects”. Oriol Sánchez, who is just completing the Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management, also rated the School highly. When he finishes, he will do a Master and, in his opinion, EAE Business School has a really great reputation. He is doing an internship at Everis and he is really pleased. In the future, he would like to set up his own business.

Clara Elena, from the Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management, had started studying Economics at another institution but decided to make the change to this program. She is currently doing an internship at Seat in the Finance Department. She later plans to do a Master abroad. Peruvian student Manuel Céspedes, whose economic studies were given equivalence accreditation, explained that “The professional opportunities that EAE gives you are really good. Moreover, it is one of the leading universities in Spain. I really liked the tuition program. It was very comprehensive”. He is now doing an internship at Techdata and he is interested in specializing in the financial area, so he plans to do a Master in this field in Spain before working in a bank in the analysis department.