Current affairs

Monday, 26 de March, 2018

This privileged venue was the setting for lecturers, students, the chairman of the School’s Alumni Association Javier Lozano, and academic staff, who came together for an evening that began with an aperitif, followed by a gala dinner. The celebration was the icing on the cake of a year of study, which many of them have balanced with their professional and family lives.

Taking an Executive MBA opens up a world of possibilities for exploring the professional scene, particularly in terms of knowing and moving forward in a market that is in a constant state of change and development. With this in mind, Montse Vilalta, the General Director of Trade at the Catalan Government and patron of this event, emphasized that “today’s challenges are overcome with knowledge and attitude. Events like this are important because they show that the people who have finished the Master have an open attitude that is committed to the world in which we live. There can be no project without training”. In Montse Vilalta’s opinion, it is essential that Masters exist because, thanks to them, professionals can profoundly improve the way they work, while it enables some to change their professional direction and others to move forward in their companies”.  

The students were very pleased with the dinner and the end of their studies. “I would rate the Master very positively, although there are lots of times that require great efforts. However, I am really satisfied with this experience”, explained Jaime Peón. Moreover, he added that the dinner “is fantastic and in such a unique and iconic venue. It is like a reward and it gives us the chance to make contacts and get to know each other”. Jaime is currently working and thinks that, continuing along the lines of the chronological progression of the Master that he has completed, now is the time to reflect ion where we are going.

Other students are planning to move abroad or change sector. EAE has opened up new professional horizons from them. One such case is Idalmis Alfaro, who is set to go to the United States and enter the world of business. “I am a nurse. I have always worked in the public sector and, in Spain, changing sector is a real challenge”. In her opinion, the Master has been worth the efforts in all respects, as it is something she had wanted to study for years.

As far as Javier Alberto Moreno is concerned, the Master has given him a great deal of knowledge, particularly in a range of areas that he was previously unfamiliar with. “An MBA enables you to have a general overview of the company and that is perfect for me as I plan to set up my own venture and the Master has given me a great foundation”. Javier emphasized that, at EAE, he has had the opportunity to benefit from experiences, advice and shared realities in order to learn what to do, as well as ruling out things that, from the outside, seemed feasible, but that was not really the case. “It gives you the chance to evolve”.

In Marc Vintró’s opinion, taking the Executive MBA has been a positive experience, and the best aspect is that he has “already put knowledge acquired on the Master into practice. It makes you rethink other approaches on loads of issues. The aim is to take advantage of everything you have learned and developed throughout the course”. Marc has been working at the same company for 14 years and now wants to implement this knowledge in the company or perhaps in a different sector.

The chairman of the School’s Alumni Association, Javier Lozano, advised the professionals coming to the end of the Master to be entrepreneurial. “Don’t look for a desk or a job for life That is something I learned on the Master and it was really useful to me”. Although he was already a businessman, Javier has been inspired to start out on a new entrepreneurial venture.