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EAE students sign up to the blood donation campaign

Monday, 5 de February, 2018

Every day, 1,000 donations are needed to treat all the people who need blood in hospitals across Catalonia. For this reason, in collaboration with the Red Cross and the Catalan Government’s Banc de Sang i Teixits (Tissue and Blood Bank), EAE Business School has run this campaign, which was held on 31st January at the School’s Barcelona Campus.

Over the course of the day, many students responding to the call to give blood and save lives. According to the directors of the initiative, the objective was to increase the number of donors by 10% compared to last year at EAE. This goal was surpassed by a long way.

Every year, 4,000 blood drives are run across Catalonia, specifically in villages, schools, universities, etc. “The approximate level of donations is between 8% and 10% of the population of Catalonia, which is pretty low. So, our goal is to increase donations from the youngest age group. It is a priority to go to universities and renew the donor profile, which is always harder as they tend to be less aware of the issue”, explained David Gracia, the coordinator of the Blood Bank for universities (departments in Barcelona and its county, as well as certain neighbourhoods of the city).

The key requirements for giving blood include being over 18 and under 65 years old, being in good health and weighing more than 50 kilos. “There are then other more specific requirements, such as having good iron levels, which is why we perform some testing beforehand with the doctor”.

To give blood, students have to fill in a form to ascertain whether or not they are suitable donors. A doctor assesses their case and, if all goes well, they make the donation and then enjoy a breakfast provided by the organization. They later have to follow the guidelines for such cases: no significant physical exertion for 24 hours following the donation, not drinking alcohol or smoking for two hours after donating, etc. “There are three sheets to fill in, including personal details, such as the person’s sexual activity and whether they have had any serious illnesses. We have to take the donor’ word in such cases, as they are giving their blood free of charge. This questionnaire acts as the first filter and enables us to identify certain people who should not continue with the process”, added David Gracia.

The students have shown a great deal of interest in this campaign. “I saw the initiative. It is always good to give and help other people. It doesn’t cost anything”, explained Axel Soler, a student on the Master in Financial Management. With respect to the Master, Axel was attracted by EAE’s teaching methodology, more practical and pedagogical, “and it is surpassing my expectations. I would like to work in financial consultancy and advisory services”.

Marta, a student in the Master in Corporate Communication Management, was encouraged to give blood when she saw the campaign at the School. “I went on the website and it is really good because they explain the steps and there is a lot of information, Moreover, it motivates you when they come to the School itself so that we can give blood”. Marta studied hotel management. “I would like to develop my career within the field of communications between hotel employees and management, before eventually working my way up to become a hotel manager”.

Fabio, a Puerto Rican student in the MBA, also gave blood. “I heard about the campaign by email and then I saw posters. I came because it is important to help the people around you”.