Current affairs

Wednesday, 14 de February, 2018

On 9th February, EAE welcomed a total of 90 students from the School’s partner universities, who have come to study here for a semester or a whole academic year on the Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management, at the Tarragona Campus in Barcelona.

At the presentation, the directors of the international departments, Federica Garuti and Alberto Cerezo, together with the academic coordinators, explained essential aspects, such as how the Virtual Campus works, legal issues, the course that will be taught and what EAE stands for in the world. After this, the students were divided into two groups to take part in a gymkhana activity around the centre of Barcelona.

The Erasmus scheme is an exchange program and, as such, as well as students coming here, EAE students also go to the partner universities to enjoy a completely different experience. During the presentation, two volunteers from the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) in Barcelona explained the benefits of joining the organization: support and guidance with all kinds of issues, help with accommodation, legal support, ESN card with discounts, special activities and events, etc.

One of the students who has come to the School on this exchange program is Camila Pastrana, from Colombia, who chose EAE because it is a university that specializes in business, and it is in Barcelona. “It seems like a really great student city and an ideal option for rounding off my studies”. When she finishes the Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management in six month’s time, she will go back to her country to continue her studies.

“It is a really well-known university in Spain and around the world, and I love the city, the climate, the beaches and its international character”, explained Adam, from Paris. Meanwhile, Diego Hernández from Peru is going to be studying at EAE until June. I decided to study at tis university because, after doing some research, it seemed like a good business school and, moreover, I have got family who live here. I would like to work in a well-known company for a while, before starting my own business”.

As far as Colombian student Efrain Castro is concerned, one of the reasons for coming to EAE was to experience a cultural exchange with people from other countries. “Learning from people who think differently to us and, obviously, to be able to study in one of the most reputable schools in Europe, which gives you a lot of assurance”. Efrain gave us an overview of the process he went through to come to EAE. “They give us a list of cities that we could go to. You research what each university can offer you and the you apply for the place you would like to study in the end”. For their part, the universities conduct a selection process with interviews, as well as taking the students’ good academic records in to account. Efrain is interested in doing an internship and then developing a business idea that he has been thinking about for quite some time.