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Ester Almagro

Monday, 8 de April, 2019

The Customer Service Staff at MagmaCultura and EAE student Ester Almagro has won the first edition of the challenge ‘The Hack Point by FUE’ with the ECO-Sistema Operativo project, an ecological initiative developed with the environmentalist Verónica Sánchez.

You have won the first edition of the challenge 'The Hack Point by FUE' with your project ECO-Sistema Operativo. How do you feel?

Winning the first challenge ‘The Hack Point by FUE’ focusing on making offices greener through technology, with the ECO-Sistema Operativo project is a wonderful feeling that motivates me to take part in more initiatives.

How did the opportunity arise to submit your application to this competition?

I went to Talent EAE on 5th March in Barcelona to find out what the participating companies are looking for and the professional opportunities on offer. One of these companies was Talentoteca the University-Company initiative, a private non-profit organization that designs and oversees paid internships. When we were talking, they mentioned that they were going to launch their first Hackathon, a multidisciplinary challenge to be completed in 24h. I signed up without hesitation. Forming part of a group with different knowledge and competences really motivates me to create a project. 

What does your ECO-Sistema Operativo project entail?

ECO-Sistema Operativo helps to promote greener offices through technology. It is a system that enables organizations and companies to have a detailed, global image of their operations. Thanks to the systems, processes are automated to enhance productivity and, at the same time, save  costs, time and energy. It also analyses the lifecycle of projects and supply and value chains in  order to detect opportunities to recycle, reuse and reduce resource consumption. As a result, we can promote a business model that embraces smarter efficiency and prioritizes people’s wellbeing and environmental protection.

Tell us about the professional team that has developed ECO-Sistema Operativo?

The professional team that has developed ECO-Sistema Operativo is made up by a PhD student, teacher and environmentalist at the Universidad de Jaén, Verónica Sánchez, and the student and entrepreneur at EAE Business School, Ester Almagro.

What do you each bring to the project?

Ester brings a more analytical and strategic perspective, while Verónica contributes a long-term, environmental perspective. These characteristics are crucial to achieve the optimal project for the challenge set.

What projects do you have in the short and long term?

My philosophy is that you always have to be in a constant state of development and movement. My short-term projects are to finish my Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management in English and get the professional certificate that in IT Project Management that I started in August 2018, as well as taking part in a volunteering scheme and doing a professional internship to find out what I really like and how I can contribute with my competences and technical skills. In the long run, I plan to do a Master. I do not know exactly which program yet, but something related to business. I also want the opportunity to work abroad and learn another language.

What is the prize for the 'The Hack Point by FUE'?

The prize is an Alexa Ecodot and an article about our experience.

What aspect of the knowledge acquired in your classes at EAE would you highlight?

There are lots of things that have helped me a great deal to grow as a person and as a professional at EAE. The most important thing I have learned at EAE is how to related theoretical concepts with issues I face in reality, as the content of this Bachelor Degree is closely linked to companies, markets, governments and countries.

What aspects of the academic training at EAE Business School would you highlight?

The teaching team. They are professionals with up-to-date expertise in their sector, who are concerned about the students’ wellbeing and motivation.

Tell us about your classmates and the atmosphere at EAE.

I think that I am really lucky with my class. The students have different interests and profiles and we all respect each other, working with curiosity and cooperation.

Would you recommend EAE Business School? Why?

I would recommend EAE Business School to anybody who prefers more personalized classes that focus on practical cases and current projects related to the theory learned.