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Tuesday, 29 de January, 2019

Section 3 of EAE’s Employment Report gives a ‘Snapshot of Employability and Entrepreneurship’, with an analysis in Section 3.2 of ‘Entrepreneurship as the driving force of the economy’. Written by Rocío Álvarez-Ossorio, the Director of the EAE Lab Incubator, and Ignacio Santamartina, the Director of EAE’s Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, this section analyses aspects related to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, how the school’s business launchpad works and the first results of a Master especially designed to develop new business projects. Moreover, the report illustrates EAE’s entrepreneurial efforts with two examples of projects incubated at the School: Lock N Roll and Clean Tracker Box.

The entrepreneurial movement is a reality that has surpassed all expectations and EAE Business School is strongly committed to fostering entrepreneurship by providing a comprehensive service to students interested in developing their own business, as well as to students who want to improve their job. With this in mind, in 2019, the School has launched the third Edition of the EAE lab Incubator, a five-month immersive program throughout which the business school accompanies current and former students striving to make their business project a reality.

EAE Lab provides a platform especially designed to generate synergies, training and guidance from experts coaches and mentors. The methodology used has an extremely practical focus and includes insight into legal, economic and financing aspects, as well as emotional management and contact with investors. The objective is to prepare the teams to meet potential investors for their project on Venture Day.

Lock N Roll, the digital storeroom selected for the second edition of EAE Lab

Created by Fabián Barrero, Fernando Gil and Karla Reyner, former students on the International MBA, Lock N Roll is a digital storeroom “you can take anywhere with you” that has been selected for the second edition of EAE Lab. The three EAE alumni from different nationalities and backgrounds already had extensive experience in the corporate world and join forces to create this business project.

In EAE’s business incubation platform, the Lock N Roll have found support and the motivation to make it as future entrepreneurs. While they already had a project designed before, taking part in the incubator has been a really rewarding experience because the support of the mentors has been fundamental to being able to develop their startup.

Based on the latest technologies, Lock N Roll Lock N Roll is an on-demand storage and rental platform that manages all the intermediate processes that usually cost users time and resources on processes that don’t require their interaction. The main motivation of this team of EAE entrepreneurs is offering people a really useful service that helps to generate collaborative synergies. In short, the project promotes concepts such as circular economies and the democratization of goods.

Clean Tracker Box, a technological and industrial innovation startup in the cleaning company sector

Roger Gibert Piqué, the Director of Operations at Clean Tracker Box, a technological innovation startup in the cleaning company sector, is a born entrepreneur, with over five years’ experience participating in entrepreneurship ventures. This student on EAE’s Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management has used the power of Big Data and effective data analysis, to develop a platform that gathers feedback from the end user through an NFC system for tracking employees.

Having started developing projects at the age of 15, Roger has gained experience as an entrepreneur on various projects: Sportsimport (selling sportswear), Acanvi (currency exchange in the Fintech sector) and Planomi (leisure marketplace). Now, at just over 20 years old, he is continuing his education on EAE’s Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management.

This entrepreneur is a role model for students at the business school: “I started a business at 15 years old when I really didn’t know what it meant to be an entrepreneur or being aware of what a serious company entailed. You just have to have the desire to carry out your own project without paying attention to any labels”. While there is lots of talk about entrepreneurship these days and more people keen to start their own venture, Roger explained that “this is great for generating movement in terms of investment in startups, but being an entrepreneur with few resources is hard and it requires a lot of work with long hours, for which you will obviously only see the reward if your business is a success”.

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