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Rebeca Vázquez, a student on the Master in Marketing and Commercial Management

Tuesday, 27 de February, 2018

Everis, the multinational consultancy company, has placed its trust in EAE Business School on several occasions for contracting professionals and reinforcing its commitment to young talent. They have done so once again in the case of Rebeca Vázquez, a student on the Master in Marketing and Commercial Management, who has recently joined the Human Resources Department at this company originally founded in Spain.

“It is a company that offers you growth and development at both a personal and professional level by providing opportunities for internal promotion, rewarding talent and positive initiatives”, explained the student in this interview. “A commitment to people” she concluded, in her explanation of the various reason for which she decided to join Everis to round off the theoretical training she has received in the classrooms of EAE Business School.

In October 2017, Rebeca Vázquez began her classes on the Master in Marketing and Commercial Management. She explained that she chose EAE based on its national reputation and that she can now confirm that the School is now giving her a “great academic and personal experience”.

First of all, tell us what position you hold at Everis and what your daily duties involve. 

At Everis, I am rounding off the training I have received on the Master with an internship in the Human Resources Department, in the Employer Branding team. Although I only started recently, my duties main involved implementing the strategies set, analysing quantitative and qualitative data on the actions taken, organizing department events and creating content for the various social media.

Why interested you about the opportunity and what were the stages of the selection process?

The opportunity was interesting because it gave me the chance to join a large company that offered flexibility in terms of the timetable, which I really value. In addition, they explained the duties of the position in great detail and they were really related to what I was studying.

In my case, the selection process involved two interviews, one to get an idea of my personality and aspirations, and the second focusing more on my competences.

How did you feel when they told you that you had been selected? Did you expect it?

I really wasn’t sure that they were going to select me because, at the end of the day, it is the Human Resources Department, although it is also true that this team works very closely with Marketing. When I got the news, I felt really glad and lucky to receive the opportunity that I am now experiencing.

Now with your perspective from the inside, what aspects of the company would you highlight?

Above all, I would emphasize the great working atmosphere. The teams are made of people who embody the values that characterize the company: demanding generosity, responsible freedom, creative energy, consistency between what they say and do, and transparency.

What form does the company’s commitment to talent take? 

Talent acquisition and retention is really important in companies nowadays due to the high degree of competitiveness that exists, At Everis, we believe in people and their professional development, with a commitment to attracting young talent by offering them great career opportunities.

What does Everis offer you?

Everis is a company that offers you growth and development at both a personal and professional level by providing opportunities for internal promotion, rewarding talent and positive initiatives. A commitment to people.

From the start, Everis has also been strongly commitment to entrepreneurship. Have you ever considered being an entrepreneur? Would you like to? Have you got any projects in mind? 

I have never considered it personally, but I wouldn’t rule it out. You never know!

What do you hope to learn from this professional experience? 

I hope to grow as a professional in my area and improve my cross-profile skills, such as team work communication, time management and so on.

What impact do you think this experience with have on your professional future? 

In my opinion, it will be a really positive experience that will be a very valuable addition to my curriculum.

What are your professional objectives in the short and long term? 

Right now, the main goal is to finish the Master and give my very best to the team at Everis. In the future, I would like to head one of the Marketing areas in a company where I can apply all the experience and knowledge I have acquired on the Bachelor Degree and Master.

Why did you decide to take the Master in Marketing and Commercial Management at EAE? 

I chose this Master partly based on the School’s reputation in Spain, but also because I wanted a deeper insight into the marketing area, as I had previously taken the Bachelor Degree in Trade and Marketing.

You began in October 2017. Based on what you have seen so far, has it met your expectations? 

Yes, the fact is that there is a lot of practical content on the program. The classmates and the atmosphere in class are unbeatable!

How do you rate the multicultural profile of the School’s classrooms? 

Extremely positively, because it opens your mind to other cultures and customs.

What aspects of the program and EAE would you highlight? 

Above all, I would highlight the experience of working with people from different fields of expertise to yours and from different parts of the world. Moreover, I have had lecturers who have gone far beyond the purely theoretical aspects to cover current issues and encouraging us to reflect on them.

Lastly, would you EAE Business School? Why? 

I would. It is giving me a great academic and personal experience.

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