Current affairs

Friday, 26 de July, 2019

Students, lecturers and academic staff from EAE’s Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management shared laughs and stories during the dinner to mark the end of the program, held at the restaurant Soho House Barcelona. This relaxed evening is a necessary event for students to share their opinions and anecdotes at the end of their studies, explained some of the lecturers.

At the event, Josep María Galí, the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, said a few words to the students, encouraging them to “be generous and humble” and to “know how to listen to others”, which are essential qualities in the business world, but also very useful in the social and personal sphere. “When somebody gives more than they are asked for, it is more likely that their superiors keep them in mind and help them to climb positions within the company”, he recommended.

Josep María Galí also encouraged them to be smart enough to learn from their own mistakes, as well as from the errors of other people around them. Galí then highlighted that this latest graduating class has students from very different backgrounds (culturally, emotionally and educationally), all of whom EAE has helped to grow, giving them a top-quality human experience and a very high standard of knowledge.

Samer Ajour, a lecturer on Finance on the Bachelor Degree, highlighted the “talent, preparation and thirst for learning” that he has witnessed in this graduating class, whom he advised “never to stop reading, travelling and seeing the world. Be open-minded and, of course, listen to others”. Ajour added that he feels highly motivated with respect to his new position of Associate Dean, in which he will strive for academic perfection in line with EAE’s philosophy.

A positive experience in all respects

After four years of study, the students are graduating and taking with them a wealth of experiences shared with classmates and lecturers. For Marc Domenche, a student on the Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management in English, it has been a positive experience in all respects. “It has given me the chance to go to China, where I took the last year of university and spent the best months of my life”. Domenche emphasized the quality of the lecturers, many of whom are professionals from other countries. “In the end, we really appreciate it because it gives us an insight into new cultures and experiences”. In Domenche’s opinion, the Bachelor Degree is a really advisable option because it opens lots of doors, although it does require a great deal of effort at a personal level.

Raquel Pastor, a student on the Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management in English, has been contracted by the company at which she did her internship. “I work in the financial department and I really like what I do. Now, I can work in a good company thanks to the Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management”. Highlights of the program for Raquel include the help for giving oral presentations and speeches in from of packed auditoriums. “I don’t get nervous anymore. I haven’t found the Bachelor Degree difficult, but you have to put the effort in”, she acknowledged.

Some Bachelor Degree students are planning to specialize with a Master. Andrea Tola, a student on the Business Administration and Management program in Spanish, is doing an internship in the finance and treasury department of SEAT, where she will stay for a year. Afterwards, she plans to do a Master abroad, before returning to her country. Another student with similar plans is Ester Almagro, who worked abroad for a year and chose EAE to keep her level of English up. “Globalization is a reality and it makes no sense to set yourself limits. I wanted to understand the whole ecosystem that surrounds business, which I found very complex”. With respect to the next few months, she plans to keep training and does not rule our doing a PhD. “I would recommend doing the Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management because it covers lots of aspects related to the business universe: social, financial, corporate and accounting. Afterwards, you can specialize with a Master, which enables you to manage the direction that you want your life to go in”.

Ester is doing an internship in 3D additive manufacture in a company, a role that she combines with a customer service position at another firm. “I am very happy because I am learning about technical matters but also how to deal with and understand people. For instance, if you simplify things, an investor can understand you on the first explanation. We have also learned that on the Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management”, she explained.