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Wednesday, 4 de July, 2018

Darío Guzmán studied Law and felt that he needed to broaden his training with a tuition program that would complement his previous qualifications perfectly. When considering various business school, he noticed that EAE always ranks among the best in all the higher education league tables. Without hesitation, he decided to take the Master in Human Resources Management at EAE Business School, with a view to achieving his goal of starting his professional career at a multinational.

Darío has now achieved his objectives and is currently working in the field that was his main goal: Human Resources. He has joined the Staff Administration Department at the multinational EY, a company that the student knew already and which he describes as “very powerful internationally”.

To start off, how did the opportunity to join EY arise?

I found out that the company EY was looking to expand its team in the Human Resources Department. I didn’t hesitate to send in my application. I couldn’t miss an opportunity like that! In my opinion, it was the best way to start my professional career in the world of Human Resources and put everything I have learned on the Master into practice.

The company got in contact to send me an English text and that is how it all started! They really emphasized that a good command of that language was essential for them and that, if I passed this first test, I would continue in the selection process. I tried harder than I ever had before throughout the entire process!

EY is a professional service company offering specialist services including auditing, finance, accounting and consultancy, among others. What led you to submit your application?

My father and sister are auditors and so I was already familiar with the world of the Big Four. I was already aware of EY and knew how powerful they are at an international level. Something I was really clear about when I started the Master was that I wanted to start my professional career in a company the size of EY.

Tell us about your position

Within the Human Resources area, I work in the Staff Administration Department. My day-to-day tasks include overseeing severance procedures and managing the new hiring and contract terminations at the firm. I am also responsible for certificates, and issues related to contracts, minimum employment commitment agreement, etc. As the workload at EY is pretty large, it gives us the chance to perform a really varied role.

Which aspects of your day-to-day tasks would you highlight?

As I studied Law, of all the duties that I carry out at EY, I would highlight those related to Labour Law, such as drafting contracts and agreements, managing maternity and paternity leave, etc.

Why do you think that EY chose you over other candidates?

I’m not sure. I know that I showed a lot of interest in the position and the company. As I mentioned earlier, I already knew EY and I was really excited about joining the company. I knew that it was the perfect place for me to put everything I learned on the Master into practice! It was a small challenge that I was sure I wanted to achieve.

As well as my passion for learning, they probably found my profile interesting. A candidate who had studied Law and who was also doing a Master in Human Resources. The Master certainly gave me the edge!

How have you integrated at the firm? What is the working atmosphere like?

The working atmosphere is really good. The whole team at EY try to teach me. They are all really patient with me and, most importantly, they are generous and really friendly. At all time, they bear in mind the fact that I don’t have any experience in the Human Resources sector. They always show me what to do rather than ‘ordering’ me to do it, which motivates me even more!

Now you have a perspective of EY from the inside, what aspects of the firm would you highlight?

EY has an absolutely fantastic organizational structure and there is a comprehensive control of everything they do. You really notice their experience and how they take care of their employees. Once you have joined, you want to stay.

You are a Law graduate but you have experience in both in legal firms and in other sectors such as communication and audiovisual content. What eventually led you to take the Master in Human Resources Management at EAE Business School?

I had previously studied Law and I was looking for something to complement my prior qualifications. In addition, I had always been interested in the psychological aspect of Human Resources. I act on my gut instincts and this was one of them!

Why did you choose EAE Business School?

EAE seemed to be the best option! I saw that the school always held one of the top spots in all the business school rankings. Another aspect that I really liked was its multicultural profile. In my opinion, the more cultures and experiences that come together in a classroom, the more enriching it will be for the students.

What were you expectations at the start of the Master in Human Resources Management at EAE? Are they being fulfilled?

At the start of the Master, I had high expectations and they are steadily being fulfilled. The content of the program is great and the academic faculty is fantastic.

What aspects of the tuition program for the Master would you highlight?

I like the variety of courses that make up the program, and I have to give a special mention to the teachers at EAE. The academic faculty comprises an extremely broad selection of professionals, all of whom have extensive experience in the field that enables them to teach you far more that what you can find in books. Specifically, I would like to thank the lecturer Cristina Paredes, who is an excellent professional and person, for helping me through the hardest times.

I mustn’t forget Lucio Fernández either, the Director of Human Resources at Atresmedia, a great professional whom I hope to emulate in the future, for his honesty and confidence.

To finish off, would you recommend EAE? Why?

Yes, I would recommend EAE. The School is the ideal place for anybody with an open mind and who wants to meet people from all over the world. If you are keen to learn, EAE helps you to make headway in the employment market.