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Ana Morán

Wednesday, 27 de February, 2019

Ana Morán took the Master in Project Management at EAE and now works as a Pre-sales Engineer at Telefónica On The Spot Services.

After working as an intern at Telefónica On The Spot Services, you have now been contracted as an employee. What is your position in the company specializing in the Internet of Things?

I currently work as an engineer in the Pre-sales and Innovation Department. It is a really stimulating and rewarding job. Seeing how you form part of an E2E chain when proposals become tangible in projects that transform and reinvent our customers’ brand experience is really satisfying.

What kind of work do you do?

I develop technical and financial proposals for audiovisual solutions focused on dynamic marketing that respond to the digital transformation needs of corporate spaces. To achieve this, I have to be in direct contact with other departments in the company, external suppliers and customers.

How has your work changed from the perspective of an intern becoming an employee at Telefónica On The Spot Services? Do you have more responsibilities?

While my role is the same and I do the same kind of work as I did before, on the internship,  my responsibilities were always more limited. Now, I have a greater level of responsibility. Ever since they told me that there was a possibility of finishing my internship with a position at the company, I have felt even more motivated, because I feel that all my efforts have been valued positively. I want to show that, although I have more responsibilities, I’m going to give it my all.

What was the selection process like to get onto the internship program at Telefónica On The Spot Services?

I found the vacancy advertised on EAE’s employment website. It really matched what I was looking for, so I applied. They then contacted me and, after a few interviews, firstly with Global HR and then with Félix Díaz, the Head of Engineering and Innovation, they told me that I was selected candidate.

How did it feel when you heard that you had been selected? Was it one of the professional projects that you were most interested in beforehand?

I felt really happy and grateful for an opportunity like this, but I also felt a great sense of commitment as I was embarking on a new professional challenge that was very important to me. I wanted a job that enabled me to apply the knowledge acquired on the Engineering Diploma and the Master. In my opinion, this position was the biggest challenge.

You work as a Pre-sales Engineer. Why do you think you are the right person for this position?

Pre-sales engineering requires a combination of technical knowledge and interpersonal skills such as proactiveness, communication and customer orientation. In my opinion, my technical training, knowledge of language and management skills that I am acquiring equip me to perform this kind of work well.

What experience do you think you can gain from a technological company like Telefónica?

Firstly, gaining a first-hand insight into how a big company like Telefónica works and operates, what is involved in this kind of organizational culture, its structure and procedures. In addition, I have the chance to learn from the best professionals and keep up to date with the latest needs and most innovative solutions in a market as demanding and the technology sector.

You trained as an engineer. To what extent has the Master rounded off your professional profile? Is your profile far more competitive now?

I chose the Master in Project Management because I wanted to combine the technical knowledge acquired on the engineering diploma with training focused on project planning and management, which would give me an understanding of the methodologies and business strategies, as well as developing personals competences, such as my communication and organizational skills.

What are the company’s strengths? What impact do you think this experience will have on your professional career?

Key features of the company I would highlight include its commitment to innovation, young talent and professional and personal development. I would also emphasize its international and multidisciplinary character. Telefónica On The Spot Services enables me to grow and learn from great professionals, which is sure to have a positive impact on my professional career.

What are your expectations from the company in terms of your professional prospects?

I want to continue developing my knowledge at Telefónica, in a place that enables me to surpass myself on a daily basis, where I feel valued and which is rewarding at both a professional and personal level.

Are you putting the knowledge acquired on the Master in Project Management at EAE into practice?

Of course, every day! Pre-sales engineering is high-level project management: remote planning, timings and costings, change management, communications, etc., as well as people management, which is very important.

You did a Minor in Big Data & Analytics. Tell us about this training experience.

We are in the throes of the industrial revolution 4.0, the age of change. Technologies such as Big Data and Blockchain are no longer just a thing of the future, they form part of the present and have an impact on our lives, sometimes without our realizing it. The Minor in Big Data & Analytics gave me a global overview of the importance of the mass analysis of data to enhance efficiency and make business decisions more strategically and effectively.

How would you define your learning experience at EAE?

Rewarding, both from an academic and personal perspective. It marked a turning point in my education, in the way I communicate, speaking in public, working as a team and understanding how a project should and shouldn’t be managed.

Tell us about the teaching team at EAE.

They are an exceptional team. They are all professionals with extensive experience in different sectors who, as well as sharing their knowledge on project management with us, were able to motivate us to grow, strengthen our knowledge and gain confidence in ourselves.

Beyond the academic side of things, what other experiences did you have at EAE Business School?

Thanks to EAE, I had the opportunity to go to conferences, business networking events and talks with experts who showed us everything from how to prepare a good curriculum right through to developing and managing our soft skills. Without a doubt, the best experience of all was meeting some extraordinary people.

What were your classmates on the Master like? Did you make contacts and friendships at the School?

I remember my Master classmates with great affection. We formed a strong team right from the start and I feel very lucky to have met them. It was really rewarding to share the classroom with people from other countries, with different perspectives and professional profile. I learned so much from them and I have made some true friends.

Would you recommend EAE Business School? Why?

Absolutely, I would recommend EAE for  a number of reasons: training with great lecturers and classmates, expanding your network of contacts and gaining a more visible and competitive professional profile of the employment market. For all these reasons, I’ll always be very proud and grateful for having chosen EAE.