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Tuesday, 3 de April, 2018


The participating students expressed their delight at taking part in an event that offers a wide range of benefits. “Jumping Talent is a great filter in terms of selection processes and your curriculum. This year, there are 96 finalists from all over Spain. Making it to this stage and participating in Jumping Talent gives you a real had start compared to other candidates and really enhances your visibility”, explained Antonio González García, a former student of the MBA and participant in Jumping Talent 2016.

Recounting his own personal experience, Javier Domínguez Sánchez, a student on the Master in Supply Chain & Logistics emphasized that “Jumping Talent has been an event that I will never forget, not only because of its originality but also because of the number of new contacts that you take away with you. Right from the start, I felt really comfortable. Universia has organized it all brilliantly and has taken great care of us at throughout the event”.

His classmate, Nora Maeso Echeberria, also a student on the Master in Supply Chain & Logistics, highlighted that “the best thing about the event is the people I have met, both from the School itself and other universities and cities. I made great friends with the other members of the group straightaway. We were a team”.

Lastly, Adrián Casado Pardo, a student on the Master in Corporate Communication Management, explained that Jumping Talent has fulfilled his expectations. “The companies show their much more human and approachable side. We have had the chance to spend time with them and share experiences that you would be able to do otherwise”. Raquel González Roldán, who is also taking the Master in Corporate Communication Management, added that Jumping Talent “had completely surpassed my expectations. I expected something more serious and less personal. It was just the opposite: welcoming and fun”.

Antonio González García, a Jumper in a previous edition and former student at the Madrid Campus, came to the School to meet up with the participants in this edition and share his experience in Jumping Talent 2016. “I had a great time. There were individual trials, followed by The Voice and, lastly, a MasterChef style team activity in teams. Last year, I attended as part of a company and it was really different, with other activities and exercises. There are surprises every year, but what they are really assessing is the participants’ behaviour and reactions when faced with certain situations”.

The trials in Jumping Talent 2018

With respect to this year’s tests, the finalists were all surprised by Escape Room, which was the third and final group activity. “It was a really fun trial in which we formed groups with new people. It lets you see that, in the face of adversity, you can really come together with people you don’t know to work effectively”, explained Adrián Casado Pardo, a student on the Master in Corporate Communication Management.

Originality and authenticity are the two key factors in Jumping Talent. María Camila Chacón Martínez, who is taking the Master in Marketing and Sales, decided to sing her Elevator Pitch (in The Voice trial). “In 60 seconds, I have summed up my eight years of training, knowledge and experience. It was like being on The X Factor, waiting for them to press a button and believe in you”. Moreover, Raquel González Roldán, a student on the Master in Corporate Communication Management, add that she thought it was a “really excellent idea because its enables us to introduce ourselves at a great level in front of companies so that they can see how we behave”. Raquel was a bit scared before the trial. “The biggest obstacle for me were my nerves. I was the last to take part in The Voice, so I had to keep hold of my nerves right through to the end, and it dragged on a bit”.

The Jumpers and the participating companies

In relation to the companies that took part in Jumping Talent, the finalists emphasized their approachability and accessibility, with direct contact that you cannot get in a conventional interview scenario. “Jumping Talent is a professional springboard because it really enhances your visibility”, explained the former Jumper Antonio González García.

The contact between the Jumpers themselves is also one of the key aspects highlighted and highly rated by the finalists from EAE Business School. “You obviously don’t get the chance to talk to everybody, but I cam away with the feeling that, thanks to this event, I have been able to start friendships that will stand the test of time”, added Javier Domínguez Sánchez. “The participants all formed a really close-knit group, working well together and talking a great deal. We had a great time and there wasn’t any rivalry or competitiveness”, added Raquel González Roldán. Meanwhile, Adrián Casado Pardo felt very positive about the whole experience.  “We are all very competitive young talents but, at the same time, we all helped each other as much as we could. In short, there was constant feedback and a real desire to help each other”.

“All the students had a very high level in terms of our attitude more than academically speaking, with a real drive to excel and make the difference”, added Camila Chacón discussing the other Jumping Talent finalists. Ivanna Guerrero, a student on the Master in Business Intelligence, focused on the participants’ international experience, and remarked that there was a lack of “engineering and technical profile, perhaps because they find it harder to express or sell themselves”, she argued.

Preparation for Jumping Talent at EAE Business School

The finalist students highlighted the preparation that the School gave them in relation to Jumping Talent. “The companies choose very specific qualifications, while there is not so much demand for the training received on more generalist programs. As a result, EAE Business School wins points in this respect because it offers very specific and specialized programs, which makes the School very competitive on the market”, explained Camila Chacón. Adrián Casado was also grateful for the support he had received from the School and “the professionals who have helped prepare for the Elevator Pitch, a trial that is really important in practice at this kind of events”.

And after Jumping Talent…

“I am sure that the companies are going to be in contact at some point. However, for the time being, what I will take away with me is the unforgettable experience”, explained Camila Chacón. “The fact that 37,000 people have applied and you have made it to the 96 candidates to be selected really shoes you that all your studies have been worth it. That is fantastic”, she concluded.

A participant in Jumping Talent 2017 in the Human Resources team, Antonio González García advised the students taking part in this 6th edition “not to get frustrated if Jumping Talent doesn’t seem to bring them the benefits they expect in the short term, because the telephone will start ringing as time goes on. The important thing is to promote contact with the companies during and after Jumping Talent so that they remember you afterwards”.

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