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Teresa Vila, a consultant at Universia, visited the Barcelona Campus of EAE Business School

Monday, 29 de January, 2018

A dynamic event, a unique experience and a talent contest that brings young undergraduates together with leading companies at a national and international level. This is Jumping Talent, organized by Universia, which is holding its sixth edition this year. “It is a different way of evaluating the country’s young talent”, explained Teresa Vila.

In March, Jumping Talent will welcome the 88 brightest young talents, picked through a selection process. At the event, they will take part in dynamic activities and have the chance to network with 11 leading companies. To register for the process, candidates have to meet a number of criteria: being an undergraduate or Master student, having a good level of English, preferably with some international experience, having good communication and decision-making skills, “and being really keen to have a good time”, emphasized the executive from Universia.

In order to become one of the candidates picked to take part in the event on 22nd March, the young talents have to get through a series of selection phases. They firstly have to register and send their CV, before taking a psychometric and an English test. They then have a telephone interview before finally taking part in an in-person stage in an assessment centre in various cities around Spain, during the week of 12th to 25th February. In this stage, the candidates (around 400 of them) will individually take a test involving an elevator pitch and a case study analysis. After this, Universia will notify the successful candidates, who will go on to take part in the final event.

Teresa Vila explained that, although only 88 candidates make it through to the final event, the companies keep hold of the curriculums of 200 candidates who qualified in the earlier stages and who will have the opportunity to take part in the company’s selection processes.

On the big day, at Jumping Talent, the 88 candidates will meet the Human Resources professionals of the 11 participating companies in a series of dynamic activities. The participating companies this year are Banco Santander, Bricomart, Burger King, Calidad Pascual, EY, Hilti, Indra, Leroy Merlin, LG, Mediaset and Saint-Gobain. “The companies want to see the candidates in action, on both an individual and group level”, added the Universia professional.

Teresa Vila explained that, on the day of the event, the candidates will go through a number of stages: a group exercise, an individual activity known as ‘The Voice’ in which the companies are the jury and press a button to pick their favourite candidate, group exercises with each company’s coaches, and a drinks event which gives students a chance to network with the company professionals. Later, in the afternoon, there are more group exercises, this time working with the companies. After all these group activities, one of the teams will be declared the winners (Jumpers).

The event gives rise to opportunities for internships and jobs at the participating companies. Therefore, Teresa Vila advised candidates to have fun, but also to give it their all and be keen to find out more about the companies that they will deal with in the process. Teresa Vila emphasized that “EAE offers us lots of interesting professional profiles that can compete in this adventure”.

Now in its sixth edition, Jumping Talent is a popular event at which many of the candidates have been contracted by the companies taking part. Universia encourages potential candidates to take part in a networking platform that enables them to meet HR Managers personally from leading companies all over the world.

Universia is the largest network of universities in Ibero-America, bringing together 1,401 universities in 23 countries, representing 19.2 million students and lecturers. It sets the standard internationally for university relations and is sponsored by Banco Santander.

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