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Wednesday, 6 de February, 2019

The online webinars are a training service offered to everybody by EAE Business School on its YouTube channel. This digital learning opportunity shares insight into certain topics thanks to the participation of experts such as Cristina Arróniz, an HR, Talent and Development Consultant at Arroniz Consulting and LinkedIn Talent Coach at Sellonlindekin.

Entitled “How can I position myself well on LinkedIn?”, the webinar analyses the importance of building a good profile on the professional social network, before sharing some tips and good practices for improving your positioning. Cristina Arróniz also explains how to fill in your personal details in the profile, the importance of having a network of contacts and the best way to reach recruiters by publishing content.

The figures speak for themselves. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, with 600 million users, 11 million in Spain and 3.5 million between Madrid and Barcelona. Professional users to attract clients, find employment and keep up-to-date. It has also become an essential tool clave for talent search. “Recruiters use the platform extensively to check out profiles and it is an extremely powerful tool for search for jobs and finding new professional opportunities”. In terms of searches, it is important that your profile appears on the first 10 LinkedIn pages because, otherwise, it is unlikely to be visible to recruiters.

Before posting a profile on the professional social network, the Human Resources expert recommends setting an objective: looking for a job, new professional opportunities, becoming an expert in a field to attract clients, etc. In fact, this objective will determine the type of profile we are going to have on the network. Cristina then goes on to list the following factors that affect your positioning on LinkedIn: the profile, the network of contacts and content publication.

Your profile must be complete, with all the fields filled out. It must be truthful, with a professional photograph, a header, a good extract with multimedia content and strategically placed keywords. Cristina recommends defining 3 keywords and including them in the header, the extract, the experience section and the position description. She also advises users to personalize the URL and write a professional header that summarizes your experience and profile. With respect to the extract, she emphasizes the value proposition and the need to make an impact in the first 70 characters. The keywords must also appear in the Experience section, as well as in the Training, Aptitudes and Validations sections.

Professional groups help users to position themselves in the sector and expand their networks of contacts. It is advisable to participate actively in these groups and enhance your visibility as an expert on a topic or by sharing content. The recruiter considers this last aspect crucial. “Content is very important because, when we open a LinkedIn profile, we see what the person has posted and shared. Moreover, it reflects our knowledge, concerns, specialization, topics that grab our attention and interesting contents, as well as being of value for the rest of your contacts. It is also important to post your own articles to improve your positioning.

In all cases, it is crucial to develop a complete profile firmly rooted in reality and based on the objectives we want to achieve on LinkedIn. The keywords and extract are also vital. In Cristina Arróniz’s opinion, “LinkedIn is a networking opportunity because we project our personal brand”. The quintessential professional network will keep growing and advancing, striving to innovate.

Watch the full webinar at the following link