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Monday, 3 de June, 2019

Adriana Vela took the Master in Design Thinking and Customer Experience at EAE and is now doing an internship in the Data & Analytics department of the consultancy Lukkap in Madrid.

How did the opportunity to join the company arise?

The opportunity came up through a classmate who was doing his internship at Lukkap. He told us that they were looking for somebody to join their Data & Analytics team. I also saw the vacancy advertised on EAE’s Employment Portal and on LinkedIn. I was interested straightaway because, in principle, it was a position to work at Lukkap, which made the opportunity even more attractive. Then, when I read all the duties involved in relation to Data, I really liked the idea because I would have the chance to put my Master in Design Thinking & Customer Experience into practice, as Lukkap is a pioneer in the field of Customer Experience.

What was the selection process like? Did you prepare in any particular way?

The selection process started with a phone call the day after submitting my application. In fact, it was all very quick and that was great for me. Honestly, I already knew a bit about Lukkap because Alberto Córdova, my lecturer on the Master’s Thesis sessions, who has mentioned on quite a few occasions how Lukkap had not only transformed companies, but people as well. From a personal point of view, I was really pleased to be somewhere I can gain experience and learn from people like them.

How did you feel when they told you that you were the selected candidate?

I felt really excited and a bit strange because I couldn’t believe I had been picked. It was one of the best pieces of news I have received since I have come to Madrid.

Why do you think you are the ideal person to hold this position?

Because I am a user-oriented people, I really like new challenges, I had previously managed in different sectors and, in my opinion, it gives some added value to my personal brand.

What experiences do you think you can gain at the company?

Lots of experiences, I think that Lukkap is a company that, as well as carrying out all its projects with lots of passion, a real atmosphere of innovation and teamwork pervades throughout the firm. In my opinion, it is the best way to learn.  At the consultancy, they take a different perspective that they used to, and I am learning things from the consultancy side of things rather that the business standpoint.

What contribution do you think you can make to the consultancy Lukkap?

I think that one of the most important things that I can bring to Lukkap is my knowledge of other cultures and industries, as well as my insight into the Design Thinking methodology and Customer Experience.

Are you putting into practice the knowledge acquired on Master in Design Thinking & Customer Experience?

Absolutely, all the time. That is an aspect I really rate highly because, right from my first day, I have been working on projects that are closely linked to improving the Customer Experience in different sectors.

In your opinion, what are Lukkap’s strengths?

The first is the company’s methodology. It is well proven that  improving certain moments on the journey can have a great impact on the business and customers. Another key point is that Lukkap is the only consultancy equipped with CX Pocket, the first online tool that enables you to measure the Customer Experience accurately. The software can be customized and shows companies what really matters for improving their KPIs. Last but not least, I would emphasize that we live our projects with passion and work with our clients rather than for them.

What impact do you think the experience you are gaining at Lukkap will have on your professional future?

I hope to be able to train so that, in the future, I can carry out personal projects such as helping companies with few resources to transform themselves and improve the Customer Experience in sectors in which nobody is willing to invest.

Why did you decide to take the Master Design Thinking & Customer Experience rather than another program?

I was looking for something different to study and I didn’t just want to choose something obvious or logical. I was looking for something new and I found this Master, which I found really interesting. After reading articles and blogs on Design Thinking, I discovered that organizations have started implementing the methodology throughout their processes, so I realized that it’s something relatively new and innovative.

What aspects of the knowledge and skills you acquired at EAE would you highlight?

I would highlight the lecturers. They all helped me start seeing the world in a different way. The methodology of doing all tasks as a group has been the hardest aspect, in my opinion, but also the most rewarding. Moreover, it has given me the opportunity to get to know different cultures and make new friends.

Would you recommend this international experience?

Absolutely, regardless of the country that you choose. Studying abroad, leaving your comfort zone and making a go of it on your own marks a turning point in your life that, in the end, helps you to mature as a person and focus more on the smaller details. I think that this aspect is harder to experience if you stay in your own country.

Would you recommend EAE Business School? Why?

Yes, I would recommend the School, primarily because I used to believe that taking a Master was something I would never be able to achieve and, the way I saw it, studying abroad was a luxury that I would never be able to afford. But then I discovered EAE’s Masters and they seemed really accessible and interesting.